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Setting Up Your Clover Flex
Setting Up Your Clover Flex

Get started with Clover Flex: Follow setup steps for seamless activation and usage.

Written by Shaney Thrasher
Updated over a week ago

The Clover Flex includes:

  • Clover Flex Quick-Start Guide

  • Charging cradle

  • Power cable

  • Receipt paper

  • Screwdriver

Contact Payment Support
Email: [email protected]

9 am to 6 pm EST

After unboxing your Clover Flex, follow these steps to get everything setup:

Powering Up:

  1. Connect the power cable to the charging cradle and the power cord. Plug into a power source.

  2. Place the Clover Flex on the charging cradle.

  3. After a few minutes of charging, press and hold the power button until the Clover logo is displayed.

  4. The device will turn on and display a welcome screen. The default language should be English(United States). Select a different language or leave it as is and press Set Language.

Connecting to the Internet:

  1. On the Connect to Wi-Fi screen, configure the device’s network connection:

    • Tap Select a network

    • From the Wi-Fi list, tap on the network, then Done

    • Enter the Wi-Fi password, then Connect. When the network says connected, tap on Done

  2. Enter your Network Password.
    Note: PCI Compliance standards require the device to connect to a secure, password protected network with at least WPA2 security or better.

  3. The device displays Successfully Connected to Server upon connecting.

Updating Device:

  1. Click Next to proceed. The device will now check for a Clover update, then restart automatically when done.

  2. Press Next again. Now it will download the preconfigured apps and install the CardPointe App. Please wait. Device may power cycle during this time.

Once complete, the CardPointe App launches and displays the Terminal Registration screen.

If your device displays a Quick Access Panel after restarting, press Quick Access or enter 1234 to continue.

Registering (activating) your Clover Flex:

  1. On the Terminal Registration screen, tap the empty field to open the keyboard.

  2. Enter the 8-digit Order ID provided in your welcome email from CardPointe, then tap Continue. The CardPointe app authenticates and registers the Clover Flex with the CardPointe service.

On the Registration Complete screen, tap Continue to complete the device registration.

If you do not have this code, please reach out to our Payment Support team

Lock Customer Mode

  1. The CardPointe app displays the Welcome screen.

  2. After this, press Admin Panel

  3. It is suggested to enable Lock Customer Mode from the admin panel to prevent possible issues.

  4. After you Enable Lock Customer Mode go back to the welcome screen, then choose Customer Mode, then press Okay.

Here's how the display screen appears when the device is set up and operating in customer mode.

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