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Accessing Your Stripe Account
Accessing Your Stripe Account

Learn how to Login and set up two-factor authentication.

Written by Shaney Thrasher
Updated over a week ago


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  • When you login there will be a 6-digit two-step authentication required. It will be sent to the phone number registered and will show the last 4 digits of that phone number

    • You can click Resend if you did not receive it.

  • Check the Captcha box to confirm you’re not a robot and choose the correct pictures.

Only an account owner can disable the Two-Step Authentication

  • You can choose “Sign in another way” This will require your backup code.

    • Enter your backup code to disable two-step authentication. Your backup code is the 24 character code you received when you activated two-step authentication.

  • You can choose “I don't have a backup code” to remove two-step authentication

    • This will require you take a picture of your identity document or confirm account details

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