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Setting Up Your Clover Mini
Setting Up Your Clover Mini

From unboxing to connecting to Wifi, this article will make sure you're ready to start using your Clover Mini.

Written by Shaney Thrasher
Updated over a week ago

The Clover Mini includes:

  • Clover Mini Quick-Start Guide

  • Device hub with an ethernet port

  • Power cable

  • Receipt paper

  • Screwdriver


  1. Connect the device hub cable to the underside of the device with the provided screwdriver. This can go to the left or right.

  2. Connect the power cable to the device hub.

  3. The power should turn on and the Clover logo is displayed. If it does not turn on, open the receipt printer panel and press the green button to power it on.

    • For a Clover Mini 3, it is on the back, left side behind the screen.

  4. Choose your language.

Connect to your network - WiFi or Ethernet

On the Let’s set up your network screen, configure the device’s network connection:


  • To connect to a Wi-Fi network, tap Connect next to the Wi-Fi option, and select your network. Enter the password.

  • Note: PCI Compliance standards require the device to connect to a secure, password-protected network.


  • To connect to a wired network, tap Ethernet, plug in the ethernet cable into the device hub adapter, and then press Check Connection.

Test Connect & Download Updates

The device displays Successfully Connected or Connected upon connecting. Click Next

  1. Click Next to proceed. The device will now check for a Clover update and then restart automatically when done.

  2. Press Next again. Now it will download the preconfigured apps and install the CardPointe App. Please wait. If a password screen appears, enter 123456 or whatever password the device was manually set to.

Register or Activate Your Device

You’ll receive an email with your 8-digit registration code.

Search your email for “cardpointe registration code” and enter the code on the screen.

Lock Customer Mode

  1. The CardPointe app displays the Welcome screen.

  2. After this, press Admin Panel

  3. It is suggested to enable Lock Customer Mode from the admin panel to prevent possible issues.

  4. After you Enable Lock Customer Mode go back to the welcome screen, then choose Customer Mode, then press Okay.

Note: If you encounter an error, tap the “Terminal registration failed” banner at the top of the display for troubleshooting information. Record the error codes to provide them to our onboarding & support team.

Nice work! You’re ready to use the terminal with your software!

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