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Connect-Up for Google Calendar v2.0
Connect-Up for Google Calendar v2.0
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  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Syncing with Google Calendar

Connect-Up for Google Calendar is the ideal solution for subscribers who want to sync between their DaySmart Appointments Appointment calendar and their Google (C) Calendar. With this plugin, users will be able to choose how much information is shared between the two calendars.


  • Event: An item that is scheduled on the user’s Google Calendar directly within Google.

  • Appointment: A Service-delivery activity that is scheduled for or by a Customer within the DaySmart Appointments scheduling system.

  • Reserve: A block of time that restricts Customers from booking an Appointment within the DaySmart Appointments scheduling system.

  • Plugin: An integration between DaySmart Appointments and an external business application.

Important Notes

  • DaySmart Appointments Events will not sync to Google calendar at this time.

  • All access types can use Connect-Up for Google, but only Headquarters Administrators can enable the plugin from the Marketplace.

  • Users with the View-only User access type can view Appointments in their Google Calendar, but will not be allowed to edit or cancel them.

  • Each DaySmart Appointments user profile can only sync with one Google Calendar at a time.

  • Users can only sync to Google calendars they own.

  • Google calendars with “read only” access cannot be synced.

  • Items occurring within the next 90 days will sync. Each subsequent day will sync on this interval.

  • Google Calendar shows Events in 30-minute increments. Appointments/Reserves scheduled in other increments will sync, but might not be displayed appropriately within their calendar segmentation.

How to enable the plugin

To activate this feature in your account, a user with the access type of Headquarters Administrator should log in and visit The Marketplace.

If you are not a Headquarters Administrator, skip to How to Connect to Google Calendar .

From this area of the application, the Headquarters Administrator will:

  1. Click on The Marketplace link.

  2. Click Calendar Sync.

  3. Click Enable for Connect-Up for Google Calendar.

  4. Select a Location from the drop-down menu.

  5. Click the Enable button.

** Need Screenshot below - It said "Connectup-Google-Calendar"

Once the plugin is enabled, you'll be directed to the Settings tab.

Activate the Plugin for Staff Members

** Need Screenshot below - It said "Activate_for_Your_Users"

From the Settings tab, you can select additional Locations and/or Staff Members from the selected Location(s) for which to enable this feature. Click Update to apply the changes. Each user you select from this drop-down field will receive an email notification alerting them to activate this new feature for their profile.

Once you have updated the settings of your plugin, any Staff Members selected will receive an email inviting them to connect their two calendar. Alternately, you can also enable/disable plugin access by managing individual profiles from the Staff Members tab.

For any existing Staff Member that has been previously invited to sync their calendars, you may resend them the invitation by visiting the Staff Members tab, searching for and choosing the specific user's profile to Email invitation to join Connect-Up for Google Calendar.

NOTE: Administrators cannot access or set the sync settings of other users.

How to Connect to Google Calendar

From your DaySmart Appointments profile

As a Staff Member in the DaySmart Appointments scheduling system, you can connect to your Google Calendar directly from Site Administration. Please remember that a DaySmart Appointments profile can only sync with one Google Calendar at a time and users can only sync to Google calendars they own.

  1. Visit your DaySmart Appointments account link and sign in.

  2. Click the Staff Members tab.

  3. Select your profile from the list.

  4. Click Connect-Up for Google Calendar.

  5. In the new window, Sign in to your Google account.

  6. Click Allow access button.

** Need Screenshot below - It said "Choose-google-account-access"

From Invitation Link

If you received an email invitation to sync your calendar information, you may click the link contained within the email body. Once you click the link, if you have an active DaySmart Appointments session, you will be directed to the screen in step 5 in the previous section.

  1. Click the link to Connect-Up to Google Calendar in email notification.

  2. Sign in to your Google account (like image above).

  3. Click Allow access button.

Note: The amount of time this link is valid is based on your DaySmart Appointments account setting to automatically logout an idle user.

Connect-up for Google Calendar Initial Setup

Once you have enabled the access between your DaySmart Appointments calendar and Google, you'll need to complete the following setup steps. Once complete, a sync of the calendar data will happen. You can return to this page from your Staff Member profile at any time to change the details or configuration of your sync.

  1. Select the Google Calendar with which you wish like to sync.

  2. Set an email address for notifications

  3. Set your preference for the following notifications:

    1. When a resync is completed.

    2. When an Appointment/Reserve cannot be moved using Google.

  4. Set Sync Settings:

    1. Sync DaySmart Appointments reserves to Google

    2. Sync Google events to DaySmart Appointments

      1. Note: This only applies to the body or description of the event. The title will still sync to the user's DaySmart Appointments calendar.

    3. Sync Google event details to DaySmart Appointments

  5. Click Start Sync.

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Here are some notes or things to consider for the setup options:

  • You will be able to choose only one calendar that you own.

  • The form will initially display the email address associated with your DaySmart Appointments Staff Member profile. You may change this to another email address.

  • If an Appointment or Reserve cannot be moved, an alert will be sent to the email address in #2 if an Appointment or Reserve cannot be moved due to another Appointment, Reserve, or Google Event being in the same time slot.

Syncing Appointments, Reserves and Google Events

Once you have completed the setup, the system will automatically synchronize Appointments, Reserves and Google Events whenever anything is added, updated or canceled. The functionality already configured for your DaySmart Appointments scheduling account will be used to determine how the calendar sync will function.

Appointment Information

When synced to Google Calendar, the Customer and Appointment field data for each Appointment will display in the description of the Google Event. Field information that will display in the Google Event will be based on your account's configuration for Appointment fields that are set to Required, Optional or View Only and have information in the field. Empty Customer or Appointment fields will not show in the Google Event description.

Appointments in Same or Overlapping Times

If the Headquarters Administrator has set up the scheduling system to allow Appointments to be overbooked or overlap* each other, then your Google Calendar will also reflect anything that are scheduled to occur at the same time.

* Only available in the Single calendar style.

Syncing with Multiple Locations in DaySmart Appointments

If your account is configured to allow you to schedule Appointments in multiple Locations, you can still use the Connect-Up for Google Calendar. When information is synced from your Google Calendar to the DaySmart Appointments calendar, it will display in the Location in which you were created. Any other Location where you have an active calendar will block the time, but not show details of the item.

Additionally, if you have Appointments booked in multiple Locations, all of those Appointments will display in the appropriate time on your Google calendar.

If you have other questions about how your scheduling system is configured, please reach out to your Headquarters Administrator.

Google Event Statuses

The calendar synchronization will work with the various statuses of Google Events. By knowing how these work, you can determine how you should manage your Google Events to reserve or open up time for Appointments on your DaySmart Appointments calendar.

Private Google Events

Google events set to Private will block the time on your DaySmart Appointments calendar, but will not sync the title or description. The item will simply display as Reserved. If an existing Event that was previously synced to your DaySmart Appointments calendar is updated to private, the title and description will be removed.

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Free Google Events

If there is a situation where you need to keep an Event from being synced to your DaySmart Appointments calendar, you can do so by setting the event Free status in Google. This will ensure the Event is not added to your DaySmart Appointments calendar. If the Event was previously synced to your DaySmart Appointments calendar, it will be removed.

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How to Disconnect from Connect-Up for Google Calendar

Users can disconnect the plugin at any time by clicking the Disconnect Account link in the Connect-Up for Google Calendar settings. This will remove all Google Events from the DaySmart Appointments calendar, and all DaySmart Appointments Appointments and Reserves from the Google calendar.

  1. Log in to your DaySmart Appointments account.

  2. Click the Staff Members tab.

  3. Click Connect-Up for Google Calendar.

  4. On the setup page, click Disconnect Account.

  5. You will be asked to confirm the disconnect on a second screen. Click Disconnect Account again, or choose to go back.

** Need Screenshot below - It said "Disconnect_Form_Google"

Troubleshooting Issues

Why do Appointments on one calendar appear to be at different times on the other calendar?

  • Check your timezone settings in Google Calendar and DaySmart Appointments. If both systems are not set to the same timezone, synced items may not show at the correct start time.

What should I do if I don’t think my Appointments or Events are syncing properly?

  • If you feel that the information synced is not up to date, you may manually resync your calendars. Visit the How to Connect to Google section and go through the steps. When you get to the synchronization setup steps choose to Resync your accounts. This will force any updates that were not yet applied.

How do I sync appointments from multiple DaySmart Appointments schedules to a single Google Calendar?

  • Users cannot sync multiple DaySmart Appointments schedules to a single Google Calendar. The error message: "There is another account already using this Google Calendar. Please select another Google Calendar." will show when attempting to add the same Google Calendar credentials to multiple DaySmart Appointments schedules. However, users can Share Google Calendars with other users through Google Calendar.

What happens if my calendars are disconnected?

  • If your calendars become disconnected, you will receive an email at the email address set in step #2 with this status change. To reconnect and resync, follow the directions in this email message.

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