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Create a Support Ticket
Create a Support Ticket

This page will review the basic steps to creating a support ticket in your Merchant Portal.

Written by Shaney Thrasher
Updated over a week ago

Create a Support Ticket in CardPointe:

For a general look at how to create a support tickets, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Merchant Portal, then navigate to the "Support" tab and click Create Ticket.


  2. If you have multiple merchant locations, you can open a ticket for a specific location by choosing the site from the Location dropdown


  3. Select the purpose of the ticket from the Reason dropdown.


  4. Enter the required information and add attachments to your support ticket.

  5. When finished, click Save to submit the ticket.

Receive Notification Updates for a Support Ticket:

It is recommended to enable email notifications for the tickets you submit through CardPointe to stay informed about any updates.

  1. After logging into your Merchant Portal, use the drop-down at your email address at the upper right corner and select My Profile.


  2. Go to Email Notifications.

  3. Scroll down to Transaction & Event Notifications. If you have multiple accounts linked, select the corresponding location

  4. Use the checkboxes on the right to indicate the items for which you would like to receive notifications in the event of any updates on the ticket. Once done, click Save


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