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How do I set up rooms?
How do I set up rooms?
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How do I set up rooms?

  • LAST UPDATED: 8/3/2022



If you have a situation in which staff members share rooms, the room sharing feature may be an option. To activate room sharing:

CLICK: Settings > Rooms

Set the first preference (Enable room sharing) to yes and click on the Update button.
Then, either log out and log back in or refresh the browser. You will then see a Rooms tab at the top. In the Rooms section, you can create rooms. They are set up similar to the way staff members are set up. You assign them hours and services.
When room sharing is enabled, the system assumes that every staff member can use every room. If you have room sharing enabled, but do not have any rooms set up, no time slots for any staff members will show as being available.
In the Rooms section of Preferences, there are two additional preferences:

  1. The second preference allows you to have the Appointments page default to showing the schedules for the rooms (as opposed to having it default to showing the schedules for individual staff members).


    If rooms are an integral part of your scheduling, you will want to set this preference to yes.

  2. The third preference allows the staff member name to display next to the customers name on the appointment grid when you are looking at the schedule for a room.

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