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Feature Overview
Feature Overview
Connect-Up for Google Calendar v2.0
Packages Overview
Does the system have additional reminder e-mails?
Does the system send out e-mail appointment reminders?
Email Notification List
Events Overview
Why are email notifications blocked as spam?
Why are we not receiving email notifications?
Why can't I see clickable hyperlinks when using Microsoft Outlook?
Book Now" buttons for your website
API Integration
Appointment Action Links Plugin
Can I share Customers between Locations?
Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook 365
Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook®: Am I A Fit?
Customized Customer View Links
Dashboard Widget List
Does the room have the same schedule as the staff member associated with the room?
Examples of Notification Merge Fields
How do I create coupons?
How do I disallow a customer from making appointments if their package is fully used?
How do I edit my Location information?
How do I set up rooms?
How to set what status will count as a "Used" Session in a Package
I can't select a staff member for my event
If I create a reserve time, does it block out that time in the rooms associated with that staff member?
Location Attributes Overview
Locations Overview
Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration
SMS Appointment Reminder Plugin - FAQs
SMS Appointment Reminders with Replies
The event is displaying the wrong staff member, why?
The Marketplace Overview
Vertical Response
Virtual Meetings Rooms
Wait List Overview
WordPress Plug-In/Widget
Can we require customers to use a package when booking online?
Location Search Overview
Rooms Field Definitions
Setting Up Classic Action Links in Emails
Using Groupon or Other Promotion Codes with DaySmart Appointments
Calendar Export
Compensation Calculator
Connect-Up for Google Calendar (version 1)
Connect-Up for Google Calendar (version 2)
Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook Desktop - A How-To Guide to Resolve Outlook Plugin Installer Issue
Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook® Desktop
Constant Contact
Customizing Your Appointment Email Notification Templates
Document Upload
Does the system send out email appointment confirmations?
Email Marketing FAQs
Gift Certificates
Location Lookup Overview
Point Of Sale (POS)
Repeat Customer Reminders
SMS Appointment Reminders with Reply
Time Clock
Packages Overview