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Open Slots Report
Open Slots Report
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Open Slots Report

  • LAST UPDATED: 7/27/2022


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Multiple Appointments Per Time Slot

The Open Slots report creates a list of all your time slots for each active schedule to show how many slots are available and how many have been taken. Users can print out individual schedules or groups of schedules using the Open Slots report.

NOTE: This report is available to Headquarters and Location Administrators and, if enabled in the Settings, Location Users and Call Center Users.

Important Notes:

  • The Open Slots report will not show when using the Single Appointment Per Time Slot version of DaySmart Appointments. We recommend using the Appointment Sheets report with that version instead.


To access the Open Slots report:

    1. Click on the Reports tab

    2. Select the Open Slots Report link

Report Details

To run the Open Slots report:

  1. Start by selecting the Location you would like to view appointments for. The location drop-down will default to the one you were in when you first clicked the Reports tab.

  2. Select the Appointment Dates you would like to view appointments for. The date range will always default to the current date.

  3. Select an option to view a specific Staff Member (Schedule) in the report. The drop-down will default to the All Staff Members option.

  4. Check the option to Include Staff Members Without Slots if you need to see schedules without time slots created.

  5. Select an Appointment Status to include appointments in the report for a specific status. The default is to view data for all Appointments Statuses.

  6. Choose a View Option to show the report results in HTML (web browser) view, or in a new Excel Spreadsheet.


Report Views

Users can export the Open Slots report via HTML or Excel by selecting one of the View Options at the bottom of the report.

HTML – Lets you view the report as a web page through your internet browser.


Excel – Lets you view the report as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.

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