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Appointment Report
Appointment Report
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Appointment Report

  • Pricing Tier: All Tiers

  • Appointment Version: All Versions

The Appointment Report allows users to retrieve Appointment and Customer details in a way that meets the criteria selected by the user. Specific items, or groups of items, are selected to organize the details in a way that meets the needs of the user.

NOTE: This report is available to Headquarters and Location Administrators and if enabled in the Settings, Location Users.

Appointment Report Uses

  • View Appointment and Customer details in your web browser

  • Export Appointment and Customer details to Microsoft Excel

  • Print a list of Past and Future Appointments

  • Find Appointment details for a specific Staff Member, Service, or Appointment Status

  • Track user activity when Appointments are Created, Updated or Cancelled

  • Identify what time slots are still open/available

  • Save custom report settings for later use

To access the Appointment Report:

  1. Click on the Reports tab

  2. Select the Appointment Report link

Report Details

Filtering Appointments

The Filter section at the top of the Appointment Report lets you customize the dates and categories of items the report will include. Some examples of how to use this section are:

  • Filter to see the Appointment or Customer details based on a specific item, or all the items in a category.

  • Select a specific Staff Member or Service from the drop-down lists to only include details about that Staff Member or Service in the report.

  • Report on one-years worth of Appointment information based on either Appointment Date or Created Date. If you need to run the report for multiple years, you will need to run a separate report for each year of Appointment history.

  • Choose one or more Appointment Status Types to only include details in the report for Appointment associated with those types. This is a great option when you need to see all the Appointments marked as Cancelled or No Show.

NOTE: Your connection may time out resulting in an Internal Server Error message when attempting to run a report with a large amount of data. It might be necessary to limit the date range selected before running the report.


Including Appointment Details

The Appointment Report can be customized to include virtually any details about your Appointments. You can also include most of the details from Customer records, except for the Customer's credit card information.


Setting for Selecting Fields

Users can set Settings > General Preference #8 to Yes to add extra fields in the Include In Report section of the report. Making this change will switch the checkboxes to drop-down lists instead, giving you more fields to select. For example, the Status field will only show in the report when using the drop-down option.


Report Output

Users can customize the output of the report by setting a header, output view, or sorting preference. Additionally, you may name the report if you wish to Save & Run Report the template.


View Options


The HTML view option will open the resulting report in a new tab within your internet browser. You also have the option to select if you want to include a link to view the Appointment from within the report. When selected, the report will include a new column and a View link for each row. When you click on this link, the Appointment Summary page will open. You can then review or edit the Appointment directly. If you have made changes to Appointments and wish to update the report output, click Refresh Data.

  • Note: If you changed the date of an Appointment and it is now outside the date range of the report, when you refresh the data, that Appointment will no longer display on the HTML output. You will need to return to the previous page and change the date range to see the Appointment you just moved.

Additionally, you may wish to print the confirmation page for one or a series of Appointments. Simply click the checkbox for any individual Appointment or to print for all records on the report, click the checkbox in the header row. Once your selections have been made, click the Print All option on the top of the Appointment report.


The Microsoft (C) Excel view option will download an XLS file to the user's machine. The same raw data information that is presented in the HTML report is displayed in the Excel output, minus the View and Print options. Downloading the report to a local machine will allow a user to analyze the data further, including creating charts or graphs of Appointment booking trends, Appointments by Staff Member or Service or other vectors.

Using Saved Report Templates

Saved Report templates make it easier to run a customized report over and over again without having to select the data to include on the report each time. Once you have configured your report, enter a name for the report and click Save & Run Report, the system will save the template. Returning users can easily select a Saved Report at the top of the page.

Once you select a saved report template, you can customize the date range for which to run the report. When using a Saved Report, simply click Run Report, otherwise, you will save a second copy of the same report template.

If you update the report template and wish to save the changes, you can click Update & Run Report. This will save the new report template configuration over the old one, rather than saving a new copy of the report with the same name.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports allow you to choose the time of the day, or day and time of the week for your report to be automatically emailed to any recipient. Select a report from the Saved Reports dropdown at the top of the page or create a new report.

At the bottom, check the box next to Schedule and choose either Weekly or Daily of when you'd like to receive the emailed report. Enter in an email address of the recipient and select Save and Schedule Report.

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