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Ending Support for Internet Explorer 11
Ending Support for Internet Explorer 11
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Ending Support for Internet Explorer 11

With the Microsoft Corporation announcing last year that Microsoft 365 and Teams would no longer support and work on Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), this long-used browser application will soon be retired. Further, Microsoft recommends upgrading to their Edge browser, as it follows their Modern Policy for maintenance.

To continue to provide you with the most secure and up-to-date web-based scheduling system products, proactive support for IE11 will end on August 30, 2021.

At that time, our teams will no longer be actively supporting this browser, but will evaluate and triage any issues reported by users on this browser version. Then, as of June 15, 2022 (the official end-of-life date across machines running Windows 10 20H2 and newer versions), the evaluation period will expire. That means we will no longer be attempting to resolve any issues reported on this browser.

How Does This Affect Me?

If you are using Microsoft Edge (the recommended upgrade path), Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, nothing. You’re good! These browser applications will continue to be fully supported both in testing and issue evaluation by our Support and IT teams.

Check My Browser Version

If you are part of the less than 1% of global users still using IE11, we recommend you upgrade as soon as you are able. To identify your upgrade path on your Windows machine, visit the Microsoft Windows Update center. It will evaluate your current system specifications and recommend the version of their proprietary browser to which you should upgrade.

Other Modern Browser Applications

Please take this time to both check and update your browser (if necessary) to ensure your DaySmart product can perform optimally and allow our Support and IT teams to assist you when necessary.

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