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What web browsers are compatible with DaySmart Appointments software?
What web browsers are compatible with DaySmart Appointments software?
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DaySmart Appointments strives to give our users the best experience when using our web application. Toward this end, we support the following modern web browsers:

Compatible Browsers

Internet Browser


Apple Safari®

Current & future versions

Google Chrome™

Current & future versions

Microsoft Edge®

Current & future versions

Mozilla Firefox®

Current & future versions

It is difficult to develop software so that all features work identically, efficiently, and effectively on all web browsers. DaySmart Appointments follows industry best practices in building our software to render the best on the most current browser editions available. While our application may continue to work on older browser versions, we no longer test new features on the older browsers or modify our software to support them. Should you experience an issue with how our software functions on an older browser, our Support team may recommend you upgrade in order to take advantage of faster, more secure, fully-supported applications from the browser manufacturers.

What if I'm using IE11?

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