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Compensation Report
Compensation Report
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Compensation Report

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The Compensation Report makes it easy for administrative users to track the commission generated by appointments when using the Compensation Calculator plugin. This report will only show in the Reports section when the Compensation Calculator plugin is activated.

NOTE: This report is available to Headquarters and Location Administrators.

Important Notes:

  • The compensation calculator report is only available for users with the access type of Headquarters Administrator or Location Administrator.

  • A percentage compensation type is not available for services with a $0 cost.


To Access the Report:

  1. Click on the Reports tab

  2. Select the Compensation Report link


Report Details

To Run the Report:

  1. Start by selecting the applicable options in the Filter section to narrow your report results for a specific location, staff member, service, date range, or appointment status.

  2. Select an option from the Sort By drop-down list to sort the report by Staff Member name or Date.

  3. Select one of the View Options to view your report results in HTML or Excel format.

Report Views

Users can export the Compensation Report via HTML or Excel by selecting one of the View Options at the bottom of the report.

HTML – Lets you view the report as a web page through your internet browser.


Excel – Lets you view the report as a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.

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