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Why isn't the Staff Member dropdown showing on the Customer View?
Why isn't the Staff Member dropdown showing on the Customer View?
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  • Pricing Tier: All

  • Appointment Version: Single & Multiple

There are a few settings you can check to make sure the Staff Member drop-down field will show when scheduling through the Customer View. If you are unable to view the Staff Member drop-down field after checking your account settings, please let us know by starting a chat with our support team.

Hide the only Staff Member

Go To: Settings > Staff Members > Preference #3

  • This preference will hide the Staff Member dropdown if there is only 1 active Staff Member profile available.

Don't display the Staff Member in notifications

You can customize the email notification templates used for Appointments scheduled in your account. Specifically, if you choose to not include Staff Member details, the notification template can be edited to remove any Staff Member merge tokens from the email's body content. Visit another article to learn how to customize your email notification templates .

Default to "No Preference" and hide the dropdown

Go To: Settings > Customer View > Preference #46

  • This preference will remove the Staff Member dropdown and automatically show the available times of all active Staff Members on the Customer View. The result will be similar to using the "No Preference" option added with Customer View Preference #45, however, Customers will not be required to select the no preference option.

  • If the Customer selects the Service first, then the application will display available times for only those Staff Members that are assigned the selected Service.

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