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How can I print my appointments?
How can I print my appointments?
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How can I print my appointments?

  • LAST UPDATE: 7/27/2022


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Printing individual appointments

You can print individual appointments by clicking on the Print (


) icon at the top of the Appointment Detail Page of each appointment. Clicking this icon will open a pop-up window with a printable version of the appointment's details.


Printing a list of appointments

Use the Appointment Report to create a list of details for multiple appointments. Select the "HTML" view option to get a printable version of the report.

GO TO: Reports tab > Appointment Report

  1. Use the "Filter" section to select a date range, and exclude specific Locations, Staff Members, & Services.

  2. Select the Appointment and Customer information you want to see from the "Include In Report" section.

  3. Select HTML in View Options.

  4. Click the Run Report button.


TIP: To save your report for future use, enter a name for your report, then click the "Save and Run Report" button. When you return to the Appointment Report section, you can then select your report from the drop-down list of saved reports.

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