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Appointment Audit Trail
Appointment Audit Trail
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Appointment Audit Trail

Updated 7/27/2022

  • Pricing Tier: Gold and above

  • Appointment Version: Single or Multiple

  • Industry: Delivery/Dock

As Appointments move through their lifecycle, your business may need to report on the changes that occur. The Appointment Audit Trail report allows Headquarter or Location Administrators to see each change made to an Appointment along with some other details about who made the change and when it was executed.

Report Details

Appointment actions are recorded when an Appointment is created or edited through the administrative application, by Customers through the Customer View or by your Staff Members through the mobile administrative applications for either Google (C) Android (R) or Apple (C) iOS (R).

The report captures all changes to an Appointment, including, but not limited to:

  • Staff Member of the appointment

  • User that executed the action (create, update)

  • Primary service only (not add-ons)

  • Date

  • Start time (no end time or duration)

  • Appointment status

  • Appointment-level field information

Accessing the Report

After logging in to your DaySmart Appointments scheduling account:

  • Click Reports

  • Click Appointment Audit Trail Report

Running the Report

To run the report in your account, you will set the following criteria:

  • Select the Locations on which to run

  • Set the Date Range for either the Appointment's scheduled date or for the date on which the Appointment was created

  • Select the Customers to include

  • Choose your format (HTML or CSV)

  • Click Run Report

Example Report

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