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Layout Overview
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Layout Overview

  • Pricing Tier: All

  • AppointmentVersion: Single & Multiple

The Layout tab allows you to customize the Header of the Customer View webpage. There are currently three options available for customizing the Customer View Header. You can use text, images, or the web editor tools outlined below.

NOTE: If you subscribe to the Gold tier or higher, you will also be able to customize the Site Administration header by adding a custom logo in the Site Administration Branding section of Layout.

Text Header

The Customer View Header Text allows for 3 lines of text that display in the box at the top of the Customer View. You can control the text and text color of all three lines line with the drop-down menus at the top of the Layout section.


Image Header

If you have a custom logo you would like to add to your Customer View, you will be able to add it to the Customer View Logo section of Layout.

To upload a custom logo:

  • Select the Browse button to upload your logo to the DaySmart Appointments server environment. We recommend using an image 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels in height.

  • Set the Use logo or text? field to logo.

  • Click Update to save your changes.

For accounts configured to share configuration settings from the Headquarters Locations with other Locations, the logo uploaded in the Headquarters Location will automatically apply to all other Locations.

For accounts configured to share configuration settings from the Headquarters Location with other Locations, a separate logo can be uploaded at each individual Location. To change the logo, go to the desired Location, click Layout, and follow the upload instructions above.

For accounts configured separately from the Headquarters Location, either a Headquarters Administrator or a Location Administrator can upload a separate logo for the specific Location.

When Customers visit your Customer View application, they will see the specific logo image associated with the Location based on the logo uploaded here.


If you attempt to upload more than 4 images, the system will disable the ability to upload for security reasons. Please contact our Technical Support department to have the number of upload attempts reset.

Custom Header

You can create a custom header using the WYSIWYG Web Editor tools provided in the Custom Header section of Layout. Selecting Yes for the Use Custom Header? setting will automatically replace anything you have entered in the Text Header and Image Header sections of Layout.


Note: If you have chosen to upload a logo, please make sure the Custom Header option is set to no.

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