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Account Management
Account Management
Account Management - Placeholder
Account and Payment Management
Appointment and Customer Upload Sample
Billing FAQs
Do you offer a referral program?
Do you offer Business Associate Agreements for HIPAA compliance?
How do I cancel my account/subscription?
How do I submit a work request?
Is there a limit on the number of locations that can be set up on one account?
My Account is in Maintenance Mode. Can I Reactivate it Myself?
Site Administration Branding Guide
What is Maintenance Mode?
Why Can't I Log into DaySmart Appointments?
Why does my account show as past due?
Why does my invoice list an Additional Appointments Overcharge?
Why was my payment memo posted more than once?
Customer Fields/Terms Overview
Customer View Video
DaySmart Appointments Scheduling System Introduction Video
Getting Help for my Scheduling System Account
How can I change the company name that displays at the top of the customer view?
How to Add a Service Video
How to Add a Staff Member Video
How to Add and Manage Customers Video
How to record a screen video with Apple iOS 11?
Key Preferences & Settings Video
Layout field definitions
Layout Overview
Lists Field Definitions
Lists Overview
Login Required
Pages/Text Overview
The Marketplace Video
Waiting List Overview
What is cache and how do I clear it from my browser? (Windows Browser Versions)
What web browsers are compatible with DaySmart Appointments software?
Where do I adjust or view the timezone for my account?
Why are available times different between Site Administration and the Customer View?
Why can’t I click & drag scrollbars when using Google Chrome?
How do I upload appointments?
How do I upload my customer list?
How to Submit a Feature Request
Getting Started Guide
Pages/Text Visual Help Guide