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Site Administration Branding Guide
Site Administration Branding Guide
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Site Administration Branding Guide

  • PRICING TIER: Gold or higher

  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Want to replace the DaySmart Appointments logo that shows at the top of your account? When subscribing to the Gold price tier or higher, administrative users can add a custom logo to replace the standard DaySmart Appointments logo that appears at the top left corner of Site Administration.

NOTE: To avoid mixing the colors of your organization with the default DaySmart Appointments colors, the tabs and navigation areas of Site Administration will automatically change from blue to grey after adding a custom logo. It will not be possible to change the color of the tabs and navigation areas after adding a custom logo.

To Add Your Logo

  1. Click on the Layout tab

  2. Click the Site Administration Branding link (Note: This link will only show for users with the Headquarters Administrator access type )

  3. Click the Browse button to select your image file (Note: Please use a .jpeg, .gif, or .png image file with 250 x 60 pixel dimensions)

  4. Click the Update button to add your logo

NOTE: If your custom logo does not show after updating, click the Sign Out button at the top of your account, and then sign in again to view the new logo.

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