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Leveraging Your DaySmart Appointments Scheduling System in Emergency Situations
Leveraging Your DaySmart Appointments Scheduling System in Emergency Situations
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Leveraging Your DaySmart Appointments Scheduling System in Emergency Situations

DaySmart Appointments is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and helping our clients do the same. With current concerns and public reaction to COVID-19, we want to offer the following tips on how your scheduling system can help.

How can I temporarily disable my Customer View to stop the creation of new Appointments?

If you find that you need to temporarily pause the ability for your Customers to schedule their own Appointments, you can quickly update your account to both turn off this ability and post a message with further information, maybe contact info, during this time.

To disable your Customer View application:

  • Click on the Settings

  • Click Customer View from the left-hand side menu.

  • Locate the Disable the Customer View preference (usually #24) to Yes.

  • Optionally, you can set a custom message in the following preference (#25).

    • Enter information appropriate to your situation. Possible options include an emergency phone number or email address to contact. Additionally, you can apply some formatting to your message.

  • Click Update.

How do I notify customers who have upcoming Appointments that we are temporarily closed?

There are a couple of ways that you can notify your clients of temporary changes to your business operations. Here are some suggestions:

Modify the message content for the Appointment Cancellation Notification for Customers

  • Customize the Cancel Email

    • Click Settings

    • Click Notifications

    • Locate and click on Appointment Cancellation Notification in the Customer’s section

    • Modify Paragraph 1 as needed and click Update.

  • Cancel Appointments

    • From the Appointment calendar, open the Appointment summary and click Cancel Appointment

    • Choose to Send cancel email to Customer.

    • Click Cancel Appointment.

    • Customers with an email address in their profile will receive the updated email information.

Note: When your business operations return to normal, you can run a report Appointments with the Status of Cancelled to identify and then work with the Customers to reschedule those Appointments.

Set up a new Appointment Status and send a custom User-Defined Email message to Customers

  • Update any future Appointment that fits the criteria and the Customer of each Appointment will receive the customized email message.

    • You can then run reports on Appointments with this custom Status when your operations return to normal and work with the Customers to schedule them to visit you for their Service.

Can I send a mass email to my customers?

The best way to communicate with your Customers in a one-time email blast is to leverage one of our email marketing integrations.

We offer easy integrations with MailChimp and Constant Contact. These plugins are available in the Marketplace (upper right-hand corner of your account) in the Email Marketing group under the menu on the left.

Once you have selected and set up one of these features, you’ll leverage the Customer Report. Configure your report criteria to find the Customers you wish to email. As the export format, choose the Telemarketing option instead of HTML or Excel. You will then walk through importing the list to the email marketing tool you chose. Check out our article with more information on running the Customer Report.

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