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Getting Help for my Scheduling System Account
Getting Help for my Scheduling System Account
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Getting Help for my Scheduling System Account

Using the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base (KB) has a variety of articles that you can review to get self-service support for the system's features and capabilities. You may start by searching for content by keywords or you can review content in a given section. If after checking out the user information, you still need additional support, please Submit a Ticket and our Client Services team will be in touch with you.


Here are a few things to know about using the KB.

Content Sections

The KB is broken into key sections related to the navigational structure of the application. You'll find sections for the key Appointment elements (Staff Members, Services, Customers, etc). Each section will have an article that provides an overview of the application's feature support, as well as other articles that answer some common questions. Any user, regardless of access type or permission level, may access the KB from the Help link.

Subscribing for Updates

You can subscribe to any Section or Article in order to get notified of new articles or updates to a specific article. If you Follow a section, you'll be notified when a new article is published to that same area. If you Follow a specific article, the system will send you an email when we publish an update to the specific information. Customize your subscription settings to get notified when we update our content.

It is recommended that you follow the News & Updates section, so you can get alerted to upcoming software releases or news about the scheduling system.

Article Legend Information

The DaySmart Appointments scheduling system supports two primary scheduling styles or versions: Single Appointments per Time Slot (SAPTS) or Multiple Appointments per Time Slot (MAPTS). While many features are applicable to both versions, some features are uniquely applicable to one or the other.

Each article displays the version(s) where the feature is applicable. At the top of each article, you will see a couple of important facts:

  • Pricing Tiers

  • Appointment Versions

Pricing Tiers alerts you to the software subscription level you may need to utilize a specific feature. Appointment Versions will define if the feature is available for Single or SAPTs, Multiple or MAPTS or All Versions. Based on both the pricing tier and Appointment version of your account will determine whether or not your scheduling account is eligible for the feature.

Additionally, if content is updated or modified, the legend may contain a Last Updated date.

For questions about upgrading your software subscription, please contact our Sales Consultant team at 800.988.0061 ext 2.

Default Terms

All articles are written using the default terminology of the DaySmart Appointments scheduling system. The terms you see may be different based on the business type or configuration of your account. This includes the tabs along the top of the application after you log in. Although the names might be different, the order of the options is the same. The default terms for the application (in both singular and plural form) are:

  • Appointment(s)

  • Add-on Service(s)

  • Cashier(s)

  • Child/Children

  • Customer(s)

  • Event(s)

  • Location(s)

  • Pet(s)

  • Room(s)

  • Sales Rep(s)

  • Service(s)

  • Staff Member(s)

Terms are currently managed in the Classic mode through the Settings > Terms page. Contact your administrator if you have any questions about your navigation.

Additional Support

DaySmart Appointments offers online support for any subscription. All Support Tiers offer easy access to 24/7 ticket submission. Users with the access type of Headquarters or Location Administrator may submit a support request. If your user account has a different access type, please contact an Administrator to assist you in submitting an issue.

After logging into your account, you can access Help for your account in the upper right corner. Our Help section offers the following options:

  • Support Tickets - submit an issue you are experiencing in your account

  • Setup Help - review tips and tricks for setting up your scheduling system

  • Knowledge Base - read articles related to features, configuration or account management

  • Contact Us - Depending on your Support Tier, you can submit a ticket or call the service department.


Submitting a Ticket

After clicking Help > Support Tickets, you'll need to click the Contact Support link. You'll be prompted to fill in details for your issue in a new ticket. When done, Submit for our team to review.


Reviewing Previous Tickets

From your profile in the ticket system, you can click to view My Requests, which is where you may access previously submitted tickets.


You can view any Support Tickets you've opened the Requests area. Tickets will provide a status, date updated and allow you to see tickets opened by others in your business. You can also manage articles you are following from your activities section.

Problems Accessing Older Tickets

There are a few common reasons why administrative users can't access support tickets:

  1. Headquarters Administrators Only: Your user profile must have the access type of Headquarters Administrator selected. We plan on adding access for the Location Administrator access type soon. How do I control account access?

    1. Error Message: You must be a Headquarters Administrator to access tickets. Please contact your Headquarters Administrator or DaySmart Appointments Support. Error Code: 2

  2. Invalid Email Address: Your user profile must include a valid email address to access the ticket system.

    1. Error Message: You must have a valid email address to use Support. Please check your email address and try again. Error Code: 3

  3. Space Within Email Address: The email address added to your profile includes an extra space. For example: "[email protected] " Update your profile by removing the extra space in the email address field.

    1. Error Message: JWT format invalid

  4. Multiple Email Addresses: Your user profile can only contain 1 email address in the email address field. CLICK: Staff Members tab > Select a profile > Update email address field to only include 1 email address.

    1. Error Message: Failed to create user.

  5. Failed to Update User: Your user profile can only contain 1 email address in the email address field.

    1. Error Message: Failed permission check on update. CLICK: Staff Members tab > Select a profile > Update email address field to only include 1 email address.

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