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Why aren’t my saved reports working?
Why aren’t my saved reports working?
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Why aren’t my saved reports working?

A change was made to the Appointment Report to make it easier for accounts with 10,000 or more Customer records to find and select a profile prior to running the report. The new feature gives administrative users the ability to search for a Customer record by entering the first few letters of a Customers name. The new feature also includes a check box option to filter your report results using your entire Customer list.

NOTE: This feature does not apply to accounts with fewer than 10,000 Customer profiles.

Before the change, the drop-down option used to select a customer in the Appointment report would automatically default to the “All Customers” option. Moving forward, administrative users will be required to select the “All Customers” check box in the Filter section to filter the report by all Customer records. If you do not see results when running your saved Appointment reports or see an error message stating no results were found, please scroll to the Filter section and select the “All Customers” option prior to running the report.

NOTE: The “All Customers” check box will not be saved for future use after clicking the Save and Run button with the check box selected. Users will be required to select the check box option, or search for a customer each time they run the report.

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