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Sales Report (Custom)
Sales Report (Custom)
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Sales Report (Custom)

  • Pricing Tier: All Tiers

  • Appointment Version: All Versions

The Sales Report (Custom) option is used to generate a sales report based on the specific criteria you select. Similar to the Appointment and Customer Reports, the Custom Sales Report will give you the option to select specific criteria, such as the Payment Type, to include in the results of the report.

NOTE: This report will only show for accounts that have the Point of Sale plugin enabled through the DaySmart Appointments Marketplace, and to Headquarters and Location Administrators.

You can use the report to:

  • View a summary of sales data for a custom date range.

  • View sales transactions by category, sales rep, and date.


To Access the Sales Report (Custom):

  1. Click on the Reports tab

  2. Select the Sales Reports (Custom) link

Report Details

To run the Report:

  1. Start by selecting the types of information in the Filter section that will define the sales transactions included in your report. (For example, you can select a specific Location to filter the sales transactions)

  2. Select what sales details to view from the Include in Report section (For example, you can choose to only include the Date, Customer Name, and Amount Paid for each sales transaction)

  3. Select an option from the Sort By drop-down list.

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