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The Marketplace Overview
The Marketplace Overview
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The Marketplace Overview

  • Pricing Tier: All

  • Appointment Version: Single & Multiple

The Marketplace is where you will find plugins that work with your everyday tools to run your business. Whether you're conducting an e-marketing campaign, creating invoices, or syncing with your office calendar system, we can simplify the process. The Marketplace gives you a central location to manage all of your integration needs with your DaySmart Appointments account.


To access The Marketplace, click on The Marketplace link in the header of your DaySmart Appointments account. You will be directed to The Marketplace landing page seen above. On this page, you will see all the featured plugins DaySmart Appointments has to offer. To see more plugins, select one of the categories listed in the top left of the page under The Marketplace. Select All to see all of the available plugins.

How to enable plugins

While browsing through the plug-in list, each plugin will contain an overview with:

  • Brief description

  • Learn More/Enable link

  • Cost of plugin or free

  • Plugin Category

  • Status (Try it for Free or Active)

When you have found a plug-in you want to use, select the Learn More/Enable or Try It For Free! link. From the plugin page, you can select which Locations where you want to offer the feature. You will need to choose between:

  • All Locations

  • Specific Locations

Once you have made your selection, click on the Enable button. You will be prompted to confirm you want to enable it. After confirming you want to enable the plug-in, you will be shown an activation date and an active icon.
When browsing through the plugins, the active checkmark will make it easy to spot the plugins you've activated.

NOTE: Staff Members of all access types will be able to view the plugins within The Marketplace, but only a Staff Member with an access type of Headquarters Administrator will be able to enable/disable plugins.

Viewing active plugins

You can easily see the active plug-ins you have installed listed under the Active Plug-Ins section on the left. Select any active plugin link to access its description page and settings.


How to disable plugins

  1. Click The Marketplace.

  2. Select the plugin you want to disable from the list of active plugins on the left.

  3. From the select Location drop-down list, uncheck the box for each Location.

  4. Click Update.

NOTE: This process only applies to users with the access type of Headquarters Administrator.

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