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Connect-Up for Google Calendar (version 1)
Connect-Up for Google Calendar (version 1)
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Google Calendar Sync is a perfect solution for clients who use Google as their primary calendar system. Sync your DaySmart Appointments Appointments and reserve times to Google Calendar, or sync the events you create in Google Calendar to your DaySmart Appointments schedule as well.

Important Notes

  • Events created in DaySmart Appointments will not sync to Google Calendar. (Note - All calendar items created in Google are called 'events')

  • Users of all access types can use the plugin, but only Headquarters Administrators can enable the plugin from the marketplace.

  • Each DaySmart Appointments schedule can only sync with 1 Google Calendar at a time.

  • Users can only sync to Google Calendars they own. Calendars with “read-only” access to cannot be synced.

  • Only items in the future will sync to Google Calendar. Past Appointments and Reserves will not sync.

  • Appointments created through the DaySmart Appointments Apple and Android mobile apps will not sync to Google Calendar.

  • Google Calendar shows events in 30 minutes increments. You can sync Appointments scheduled with 15, 20, etc. minute increments, but they might not be displayed proportionally in Google.


Getting Started

How It Works

  • Enable the plugin

  • Activate the plugin for your users

  • Sign In and Connect to Google

  • Select a Google Calendar to Sync

  • Adjust your Sync Settings

  • Check your Timezone settings

  • Performing an initial sync

  • Syncing to Google Calendar

  • Syncing Events to DaySmart Appointments

  • How to Disable Syncing for Individual Events

  • Troubleshooting

How to Enable the Plugin

NOTE: Only applies to users with the Headquarters Administrator access type.

  1. Click on The Marketplace link.

  2. Click Calendar Sync.

  3. Click Enable for Connect-Up for Google Calendar.

  4. Select a Location from the drop-down menu.

  5. Click the Enable button.

Activate the plugin for your users

NOTE: Only applies to users with the Headquarters or Location Administrator access type.

  1. Click the Settings tab at the top of the plugin.

  2. Select your Staff Members from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Update Settings button.

NOTE: You can also enable/disable plugin access by clicking the Staff Members tab.

Sign In and Connect to Google

  1. Login to the DaySmart Appointments Classic application as a user for whom the plugin has been activated.

  2. Click on the Staff Members tab.

  3. Select your profile.

  4. Click the Google Calendar Sync option.

  5. Click the Connect to Google button.

  6. Sign in with your Google account.

NOTE: For privacy reasons, the ability to adjust the sync settings for individual users will be limited to each user profile. Administrators can enable and disable plugin access, but cannot access the sync settings of other users.

Select a Google Calendar to Sync

This setting will let you choose what Google Calendar to sync to your DaySmart Appointments schedule, and give you the option to disable syncing. Although your Google Account can include multiple Xalendars, you can only sync 1 Google Calendar with 1 DaySmart Appointments schedule.

NOTE: Please wait at least 10 seconds after making calendar changes to switch the Google Calendar with which you are syncing.

Adjust your Sync Settings

  • Email Address – Enter an email address that can be separate from the address used in your DaySmart Appointments profile. Any error notifications created when there are problems syncing will be sent to this email address.

  • Google Sync Activity – Choose from the 1 or 2-way calendar syncing options.

  • Sync Reserves to Google Calendar – If this is set to Yes, Reserve times (including quick Reserves) will also be synced to your Google Calendar.

  • Google Event Details – Settings this to Yes will include the details of events created in Google Calendar when the events are synced to your DaySmart Appointments schedule as Reserve times.

Check your Timezone settings

If your Appointments are not synced correctly to your Google Calendar, it is probably due to the timezone setting within your Google Calendar. The timezone will need to match between your DaySmart Appointments account and Google Calendar. Here is how to check and update the timezone setting for each system:

  • DaySmart Appointments

    Click on the Settings tab and review/update the timezone field in the Location information section.

  • Google Calendar

    1. From your Google Calendar, click on the gear icon drop-down, and select Settings.

    2. Review/Update the timezone settings.

    3. Click Save.

Performing an initial sync

Once you have finished the initial setup of the plugin, you will be able to start syncing events and Appointments. To perform an initial sync, click on the Sync Calendars Now button in your sync settings page.

NOTE: Only future Google events, and DaySmart Appointments Appointments and Reserve times will sync. The plugin will always sync items 1 year into the future. There is no option available to change the sync window or modify how far in advance the plugin will sync.

Syncing to Google Calendar

The following information can be sent to Google Calendar when Appointments and Reserve times are synced. If changes are made to Appointments and Reserve time details in your DaySmart Appointments calendar, after they have already been synced to Google Calendar, those details will be updated during the next sync.

NOTE: After syncing items to Google Calendar, they can be modified to include additional information above or below the DaySmart Appointments details.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Service

  • Room

  • Location Name

  • Date

  • Start Time

  • End Time

  • Appointment Status

  • Address 1

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Day Phone

  • Evening Phone

  • Cell Phone

  • Email Address

  • Special Needs

  • Screen Name (of schedule booked)

  • Special Instructions for Customer

  • Appointment Notes

  • PO Number

  • Add-On Services

NOTE: Items will be synced in real-time, however, you may need to refresh your Google Calendar to see newly synced Appointments and Reserve times. This can be done by clicking the More drop-down list, and then select the Refresh link.

Syncing Events to DaySmart Appointments

Any events created in Google Calendar and synced to your DaySmart Appointments calendar will be added as Reserve times. If you have selected Yes to the Google Event Details option in the sync settings, any details added to the event in Google Calendar will be included in the Reserve's reason field.

NOTE: It may take up to 30 seconds to sync events created in Google Calendar to your DaySmart Appointments schedule.

How to Disable Syncing for Individual Events

If there is a situation where you need to keep a Google event from being synced to DaySmart Appointments, you can do so by setting the event Show Me As setting to Available. This will ensure the event is not added to your DaySmart Appointments schedule when the next sync is started. If the event was previously synced to your DaySmart Appointments schedule, it will be removed during the next sync.


Why are my appointments syncing at the wrong time?

  • Check your timezone settings in Google Calendar and DaySmart Appointments. If both systems are not set to the same timezone, synced items may not show at the correct start time.

Why is my DaySmart Appointments schedule being overbooked?

  • Unlike the DaySmart Appointments system, Google will allow events to overlap without conflicts. Overlapping events in Google Calendar will be synced to your DaySmart Appointments calendar and fill the slot with multiple Appointments, even if the DaySmart Appointments setting to not allow overlapping Appointments is disabled. If the overlapping Appointments setting is disabled in your account, Customers and Staff Members will not be able to overbook Appointments.

Why is my Google Calendar being overbooked?

  • If there is more than 1 Appointment created in the same time slot in the DaySmart Appointments system, all the Appointments will be synced to Google Calendar.

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