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Customer Fields/Terms Overview
Customer Fields/Terms Overview
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Customer Fields/Terms Overview

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  • PRICING TIER: All Tiers

  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Customer Profile Fields

The Customer profile can be customized in order to collect important details about each of your Customers, or for the delivery of an Appointment. Customization of the fields displayed and/or required to be filled out for new Customers is made through the Settings > Customer Fields/Terms page.

In addition to personalizing the information you collect, you can also configure a different set of fields that are editable by Customers or by your Staff Members. Maybe you need to add internal information to a Customer's profile that your Customers shouldn't see. You would make changes to the view status of a Customer Field to only display through the Site Administration in the Customer Profile, rather than the Customer View Registration process.

Field Display Configuration

A Headquarters or Location Administrator may modify the display and name preferences for the Customer profile fields. When viewing the Settings > Customer Fields/Terms page, you'll see a series of dropdown fields and text fields that define if the field is viewable, editable or required. Additionally, you can modify the label associated with each field to help your Customers understand the information to enter into or select from each field.

There are three areas of the system you can modify independently:

  1. Customer View Registration: The settings in this column will define what the Customer will see and/or be prompted to complete in order to create their profile directly into your scheduling system.

  2. Customer Profile: The settings in this column define the profile fields that are displayed when one of your administrative users, or Staff Members, see when creating a new Customer directly into the system from the Customers > Add New Customer page.

  3. Appointment Page: The settings in this column identify the profile fields that will display on the Customer page of the Make Appointment Window, which you open either from the Calendar or Appointment Search.

For each of the areas, you'll want to understand the difference between the display preferences:

  • H: Hidden

    • By choosing this option for any Field in any of the three areas, the field will not be displayed to the user.

  • R: Required

    • To require that the field contain information, choose R for any of the three areas. The user will not be able to create a profile or book an Appointment without first entering information in any required fields.

  • O: Optional

    • In order to collect optional information (which doesn't prevent an Appointment from being created), you should choose this preference. The field will display and the user will be able to enter information, but empty fields will not impact the completion of any action.

  • V: View Only

    • You may decide that some information should be available to read, but not be edited by a specific user. By choosing this option, any information that exists for this field and the specific Customer will be readable but not editable.

Field Customizations

Once you have determined the display settings, you can also choose to customize how the field is presented to users. You can further personalize the Customer profile by editing the Display Name, add help text to any field or change the order in which the fields display.

  • Display Name: The label for the given field that will be visible to Customers, administrators or Staff Members. The system default label is already displayed in this field, but you can personalize it for your users.

    • Example: Maybe you use "Surname" instead of "Last Name" for your Customer Profiles. You may modify this label in this area of the page.

  • Display Notes: Add help text to a field that will display through the Customer View application. This information guides the Customer enter the right information.

  • Sort Order: The display order of the available fields. The system defaults for these values may be changed if you want to prompt the user to complete information in a different order.

    • Example: You may decide you want your user to enter the Last Name before the First Name. You would change the sort order for the Last Name field to have a lower numerical value than the First Name field.

NOTE: These configuration do not impact the saving of data, only the visual presentation of the data. If you are using Web Services or an API to integrate with the system, the data would be retrievable from the Field value (left-most column), not the Display Name.

Other Customer Fields

Outside of the recommended demographic data fields (name, address, contact information), you are able to utilize additional fields within the system to capture or identify your Customers. For a definition of other Customer profile fields, please read our Customer Fields Definitions article.

Some fields may be set up with a dropdown selection list. This allows your Customers to select from a predefined set of values that you configure in your account. Fields that support a customized dropdown list are:

  • Customer Type ID

  • Heard Via

  • Status

The options for these fields are defined from the List tab. For further information on using the List area, please read our Lists Overview article.

Additional Custom Fields

If the current set of fields is not enough, up to four additional custom fields may be added for each account Location. There is a one-time fee of $150.00 USD for each field added.

NOTE: Any changes requested after adding a field, such as updating the drop down list, will require adding the field a second time. This means the same fees charged to add a field will apply when updating a field.

We will email an invoice to the main billing contact for your account and auto-bill the Credit Card you have on file within 1 to 2 business days of receiving your request. We will then add the custom field/s to your account within a week of receiving your request; however, it may take 6 to 10 weeks for the field/s to show in the Appointment Report.

NOTE: Additional charges may apply for accounts with more than five Locations.

How to Request Custom Fields

To have one or more custom fields added to your account, start by adding a support ticket and including the following details for each field.

Field Name – What is the Title, as it should show when creating appointments?

Field Level – Is it a “Customer” or “Appointment” level field?

      • Customer Fields – Saved to customer profiles

      • Appointment fields – Saved to individual appointments

Field Type – Should the field be a Text Box, Drop Down, Radio, or Yes/No?

      • Text Box – Users type a response within the space provided. Please indicate the number of characters users can enter.

      • Drop Down – Users can select a single option from the pull down list. Please indicate what options will show in the list.

      • Radio – Users can select a single option from a bullet list. Please indicate what options will show in the list.

      • Yes/No – Users can select a single bullet option for yes or no.

Sort Order What order should the field show on the Make Appointment page or Registration page?

      • Please indicate the sort order for both Site Administration and the Customer View (if applicable)

Field Preferences - Should the field be Hidden, Required, Optional, or View Only?

      • Please indicate your preference for both Site Administration and the Customer View (if applicable)

Reportable Field - Does the field need to show when running Appointment Reports? Yes or No

Example Request

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