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Location Lookup Overview
Location Lookup Overview
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  • LAST UPDATE: 7/26/2022

  • PRICING TIER: Platinum/Enterprise

  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple (limited features)

The location lookup uses the address of each of your locations to display a map and estimated distances to each location based on a zip/postal code or address. Location lookup is displayed in the appointment search page from your Site Administration, or on the Customer View when you are allowing your customers to select locations. Five locations per page will be displayed with a map for your staff members or customers to see and select the most convenient location for them.

NOTE: To activate the location lookup feature, please contact us about our Platinum/Enterprise tier. You can submit a support ticket or call our sales department at 800.988.0061, option 2.

Appointment Search

With the location lookup feature, the appointment search page is enabled. The appointment search page allows you to search for available appointment slots across all locations and staff member schedules.

After clicking on the appointment search link, you will have two options to select a location. You can use the drop down listing each location, or enter a zip/postal code or address with the location lookup.

Once you click on the "Search" button, 5 locations per page will be displayed and represented with a map. It will also list the location address and the estimated distance in miles. Click the "Select" button next to the location to use in your appointment search.

NOTE: The appointment search page is not available if you have rooms enabled or you are using our multiple appointment per time slot version.

Customer View

With the location lookup, your customers will also have 2 options to search for locations. They will be able to select a location from a drop down list, or enter a zip/postal code or address.

NOTE: Location preference #1 within your headquarters location needs to be set to "Yes" to display the location lookup. Preference #1 allows your customers to schedule appointments by selecting the location.

Similar to the appointment search page, customers will enter a zip/postal code or address and select "Search". Up to 5 of the nearest locations will be listed and displayed in a map. Customers will also see each location address and the estimated distance in miles to each location.

โ€‹NOTE: When the location lookup feature is enabled, all locations will be displayed on the Customer View, even if a location is not sharing Headquarters (HQ) Values.

Location not showing?

If one of your locations is not being displayed in the location lookup map or is incorrectly marked, follow the steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Verify Location Address in DaySmart Appointments
    From within your account, go to the location that is not being displayed correctly. Click on the Settings Tab and verify your location address. Make any necessary changes and click "Update". Even if the address looks correct and no changes are needed, click the "Update" button to refresh the location information. Then check to see if this has corrected the issue.

  2. Verify Location Address from Third Party
    If you have verified and updated your address within your Appointment-Plus location and it's still incorrectly/not displayed, follow these steps:

    1. Enter your location address in the "Find a location" box and click the "Get Location" button.

    2. If your address is displayed correctly here, please submit a support ticket within your account and enter the location name and address details for our support staff to look into. If your address is still incorrectly/not displayed within Yahoo Maps, it may be a limitation with your location address and third party mapping. Your address will not display properly.

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