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The DaySmart Appointments-MailChimp integration offers a dynamic new way of creating, distributing, and managing your Customer e-marketing campaigns and messages. MailChimp subscribers have full access to all of MailChimp’s newsletter templates, email messaging tools, track and reporting features, social media integration, and other features necessary for successful and accurate customer marketing and outreach efforts.

How to Enable MailChimp

The MailChimp Plugin is available for all accounts from the Marketplace. To enable this plugin for your account:

  • Visit The Marketplace (in the header).

  • Click Email Marketing and locate the MailChimp ad.

  • Click Enable or Get It Now!

  • Choose the Locations where you want to offer this feature and then Enable the plugin.

Once enabled, a new Settings tab will appear. Click this tab and review the options:

  • If you are a current MailChimp subscriber, click Add Settings.

    • Note: If you are unable to enter your login and password due to the page appearing to be disabled, this may be caused by a setting in your internet browser. From your browser's preferences, choose the Privacy section and look for the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking option, which is enabled by default in some browsers. If you disable this option, you will be able to continue to connect the DaySmart Appointments application with MailChimp.

  • If you are not already a MailChimp subscriber, you can Sign Up for your own account.

Using your MailChimp information, enter the Username and Password into the designated fields and Log In. To authorize your integration, you’ll be prompted to Send Verification Code from MailChimp. Once the code is received at the phone number associated with your MailChimp account, enter it on the Two-Factor Authentication page. You can choose to skip verification for two weeks, but this is only required when you are initially logging in.

How to Export Customer Records to MailChimp

The plugin enables you to easily export your Customer information from your DaySmart Appointments scheduling system directly to your MailChimp. Using the Customer Report, you can use the report filter options to identify the Customers to export.

Please note the system only exports the Customer’s first and last name, and email address information.

Once you have defined your data set, choose the MailChimp selection from Format Options. Then, click Run Report.

On the following screen, you can review the Customers being exported, and then choose to export into an existing list or login to create a new list. When that step is complete, click Export List.

Once Customer information is imported, you’ll receive a confirmation of the action. The number of unique contacts will be listed along with the contact mailing list they were entered in and the next steps you can take. You will be able to go to your MailChimp account, use your Customer View link for a MailChimp newsletter, or close the window.

Note: When merging into your MailChimp email list, only unique contacts (based on email address) will be added.

Adding a Book Now or Schedule Now Button (or Link) to E-Marketing Materials

Adding a Book Now or Schedule Now button to your emails is easy. After you have created a new email list or merged your customer data into an existing list, you have the option of adding a button or link to your MailChimp newsletter. By selecting the Use my customer view link with a MailChimp newsletter option, you will be shown your Customer View link. Copy and paste the link anywhere on your MailChimp newsletter as a link or associated with a Book Now button.

Using MailChimp Email System

Information about MailChimp

The integration between the two services can help businesses keep their Appointment calendars full with the following benefits:

  • Effortlessly pass your DaySmart Appointments Customer information to MailChimp and accurately manage your Customer lists using MailChimp's tools. Once uploaded, MailChimp will automatically manage any "unsubscribed" or "opt-out" email addresses. It also eliminates the need to manage two separate email databases for e-marketing campaigns.

  • Quickly add the DaySmart Appointments Book Now or Schedule Now button to your newsletters, email messages, and other e-marketing materials. Make it easier for Customers, clients, patients, and students to schedule their Appointments or book their reservations by allowing them to access your DaySmart Appointments scheduler right from the MailChimp e-marketing piece. They will not need to manually open a new browser window or type in a URL. They simply click on the Book Now or Schedule Now button to instantly access your business’s DaySmart Appointments scheduler.

  • Easily track Customer activity and success with MailChimp’s analytics tools. You can quickly access such important statistics as the number of opens, the number of click-throughs, bounce rates, and the number of unsubscribes. These figures would be difficult—if not almost impossible—to decipher, sort, and analyze if done manually.

  • Low Cost. MailChimp offers you tremendous flexibility, functionality, and legal compliance for your email marketing and newsletter campaigns, and MailChimp does all of this at a very low cost. The costs start as low as FREE!.

Creating Mailing Lists in MailChimp

If you need help adding a list in your MailChimp account, please follow the instructions here.

From the export page, you will be able to review the details of the export and merge it into your MailChimp list. Here's a list of the options available to you:

  • Customers with an e-mail address
    Click on the "Show List" button to display the list of customers with an e-mail address to be exported.

  • Merge with an existing list
    When selecting the "Select existing list" radio button, a drop-down list will appear with your current MailChimp e-mail lists. Select the list you would like to merge the current customer export with and then select the "Export List" button.

  • Create a new MailChimp list
    Click the "Login to MailChimp" button to create a new e-mail list within your MailChimp account.

Disabling the Plugin

If you decide that you no longer want to use this feature, you can return to the Marketplace and remove the plugin from any or all Locations.

  1. Click Marketplace.

  2. In the left-hand column, find the plugin.

  3. On the plugin’s first tab, click the Locations drop-down field.

  4. Uncheck individual Locations or click None.

  5. Click Update.

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