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Calendar Export
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The Calendar Export plugin allows you, your Staff Members, and your Customers to export Appointments to other calendar systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple iCal. At the moment, Appointments can be exported one at a time and can adjust for any timezone differences, if applicable. Once enabled, you will notice calendar attachments within email notifications as well as the export icons/links within Site Administration and the Customer View. There are currently 4 places appointments can be exported from:


  • How to Enable Calendar Export

  • Exporting Multiple Appointments for a Staff Member

  • Exporting from the Appointment Summary

  • Saving the Calendar Attachment from an Email

  • Exporting from Customer View

  • Disabling the Plugin

  • FAQs

How to Enable Calendar Export

  1. Click The Marketplace.

  2. Click Calendar Sync.

  3. Click Enable.

  4. Select each Location to enable the plugin for using the drop-down menu.

  5. Click on the Enable button.

Exporting Multiple Appointments for a Staff Member

The Calendar Export

Plugin link will appear when mousing over the gear icon () to the left of each Staff Member's name on the Appointment grid.

After clicking on the Calendar Export icon, a pop-up window will open to provide the options for selecting which Appointments you would like to export.

In the next window, the Staff Member name you selected will be chosen in the drop-down field. Next, choose amount of days to export (selected date or all) and click Find Appointments to Export. The returned results will display all of the Appointments you can export. Click on the Export link for each Appointment you would like to export.

NOTE: With the Calendar Export Plugin, you will need to have your pop-up blockers disabled or allow pop-ups from the current Location. If you have pop-up blockers enabled, you will see an option to allow it at the top of your browser.

For every Appointment you export, the system opens an Outlook calendar window. If you are attempting to export all of your future Appointments, you may experience some performance issues on your local machine. It is recommended that you export in batches to minimize any issues on your system. Try exporting Appointments at the beginning or end of each day or at the time they are created.

A new pop-up will be presented in an ical (.ics) or vcal (.vcs) format. Make sure the Open with option is selected and Outlook, or your equivalent email client, is selected. Select OK and the calendar event window will open and display your appointment. Save from this window and the Appointment will be saved to your calendar.

Exporting from the Appointment Summary

When you finalize a new Appointment, a calendar export option will display in the lower-left corner, next to Print. Clicking this link will create the calendar export item for this single Appointment.

For other future Appointments, click on the specific Appointment to open the summary page. Locate the export link in the lower-left corner. Click that link to download the meeting invite.

Saving the Calendar Attachment from an Email

By default, when Calendar Export is enabled, attachments will be sent using ical (.ics) or vcal (.vcs) format. The attachments will be included in all Customer and Staff Member email notifications. Depending on your email program you are using, double click on the attachment, or right-click and select open. The Appointment will be saved automatically or you will need to select a schedule for it to be saved to.

Exporting from Customer View

When your Customers log into the Customer View for your DaySmart Appointments scheduling system, they will see an Account Activity section listing all their future Appointments with an Export to Calendar link. Once your Customers click on the link, a pop-up will open with a .ics or .vcs attachment.

Disabling the Plugin

If you decide that you no longer want to use this feature, you can return to the Marketplace and remove the plugin from any or all Locations.

  1. Click Marketplace.

  2. In the left-hand column, find the plugin.

  3. On the plugin’s first tab, click the Locations drop-down field.

  4. Uncheck individual Locations or click None.

  5. Click Update.


Q - Can I export more than one Appointment at a time?
A - No, Appointments are exported individually. You can use the Staff Member's Calendar Export view from the Appointments section to filter for and get a list of matching Appointments. Clicking each link will then export the Appointment information individually.

  1. Q - Can the Appointment Start Times change automatically based on the timezone of the Customers?
    A - Yes, you can enable a preference within your account to have the Appointment start time change based on the timezone of the calendar you are adding it to. To enable the preference, click Settings, locate and click Calendar Export, and review/adjust the setting for the time zone to be used in exported information (#4).

  2. Q - What file formats are currently available for exporting Appointments?
    A - ical (.ics), & vcal (.vcs) To change the format appointments will be exported, click Settings, locate and click Calendar Export, and review/adjust the setting for the default export format (#1).

  3. Q - What calendar systems can I export Appointments to?
    A - Appointments can be exported to any calendar system that accepts ical (.ics) and/or vcal (.vcs) files.

  4. Q - Will updates I make in DaySmart Appointments automatically update appointments I have already exported to another system?
    A - No, Appointments will only update within the DaySmart Appointments system.

  5. Q - Does Calendar Export allow me to export to Google or Apple Calendars?
    A - Yes, the calendar export plugin will attach a calendar file to your notification emails to allow you and your Customers to quickly add Appointments to any calendar that accepts iCal files.

  6. Q - Do any of the Connect-Up calendar synchronization tools replace Calendar Export?
    A - No, the Connect-Up for Google(C) Calendar(R), Microsoft(C) Outlook(R) Desktop, or Microsoft Outlook 365(R) do not replace the Calendar Export.

  7. Q - What is the difference between Calendar Export and Connect-Up for Google Calendar?
    A - The Calendar Export allows you to send ical/vcal attachments with email notifications sent from your DaySmart Appointments account. These attachments allow your Staff Members and Customers to add their Appointment information to any application that uses the ical or vcal format. The Google Calendar Sync allows your Staff Members to sync their DaySmart Appointments schedules with a Google Calendar. It does not allow your Customers to sync with their Google calendars.

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