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Repeat Customer Reminders
Repeat Customer Reminders
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The Repeat Customer Reminder Email plugin allows you to automatically send an email notification to Customers who have not made an appointment in a specified number of days. The automated notification is a great way to remind your inactive Customers to make another appointment. You can set up the timing of this email and whether or not it should be sent multiple times.

How It Works

To activate the plugin:

  1. Click on The Marketplace at the top of your account.

  2. Select the Email Marketing category.

  3. Click Enable for the Repeat Customer Reminders plugin.

  4. Select each Location to enable the plugin for using the drop-down menu.

  5. Click on the Enable button.

Settings for Repeat Reminder Emails

In order to ensure that your reminders are set to send at the appropriate amount of time to remind Customers to return for a Service, you will need to activate and configure this separate email notification.

  • Click Settings

  • Click Notifications

  • Locate and click Repeat Customers Reminder E-mail

From the top of your Repeat Customers Reminder Email page, you can activate the email and define the amount of time since the Customer's last appointment to start sending email reminders.

  • Status
    Setting the status to Active will turn on your repeat email reminders.

    • When set to Inactive, the emails will not be sent out.

  • Days after last appointment to send
    Set this to when you want these email reminders to start being sent. The countdown to send your Customers the reminder email starts when their last Appointment has passed. For example, if you set this to 30 days, and the last Appointment occurred 30 days ago and no future Appointment exists, the system will automatically send this email to that Customer

    • When a new Appointment is scheduled for the following month, the countdown for this reminder will be reset. It would not start the countdown until their Appointment the following month has passed the set number of days.

  • Keep sending every
    If you would like to have the reminder email sent out multiple times, then set the duration of the subsequent emails sent out here. The repeat reminder emails will only be sent out a maximum of 5 times to each Customer.

  • Send a copy to
    If you would like a copy of each repeat reminder email sent, set the email address that should receive the copies.

  • Send sent emails report to
    If you would like to receive a consolidated repeat reminder email report, set the delivery email address. An email with the report will be sent out each time any repeat reminder emails are sent.

  • From
    Any text entered in this field will display in the header of the email notification.

  • Reply-To
    When a Customer replies to a repeat reminder, those replies will be delivered to the email address set in this field.

  • Bcc
    Set the email address to send a Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc:) of the notification.

  • Subject
    Enter the text that will appear in the subject line when the email is received by the Customer.

Disabling the Plugin

If you decide that you no longer want to use this feature, you can return to the Marketplace and remove the plugin from any or all Locations.

  1. Click Marketplace.

  2. In the left-hand column, find the plugin.

  3. On the plugin’s first tab, click the Locations drop-down field.

  4. Uncheck individual Locations or click None.

  5. Click Update.

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