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How do I add a logo to the Customer View?
How do I add a logo to the Customer View?
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How do I add a logo to the Customer View?

Updated 7/27/2022

Many businesses want to make sure that their Customers know they have landed on the right scheduling website. They often upload and display their business logo on the Customer View. To upload your logo for the Customer View:

  1. Click the Layout Tab.

  2. In the Customer View Logo section, click the Browse button.

    NOTE: Allowable formats are .jpg and .gif. If you attempt to upload more than 4 images, the system will disable the ability to upload for security reasons. Please contact our Technical Support department to have the number of upload attempts reset.

  3. Navigate to the logo file on your computer.


    You will see recommendations within the Layout section that suggests 300 x 200 pixels. Logos come in different sizes whether horizontally or vertically centered. The 300 x 200 pixel is just a recommendation. Depending on your logo, it can go wider or taller. Be cautious of having a logo too tall due to causing your clients to have to scroll down.

  4. Select Logo for the Use logo or text? option.

  5. Click Update at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you have chosen to upload a logo, please make sure the Custom Header option is set to no.

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