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NextGen Customer View
NextGen Customer View
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NextGen Customer View

  • Pricing Tier: All tiers

  • Appointment Version: All versions

Offer your Customers self-service Appointment scheduling from any device with the NextGen Customer View



  • Choosing the NextGen Customer View

  • Finding the Customer View URL

  • Creating Book Now Buttons for your Web or Social Media site

  • Branding the Customer View

  • Customizing the Appointment Booking Experience

  • Customer Login or Registration Options

Choosing the NextGen Customer View

The NextGen Customer View is a new application that can be used for online Appointment scheduling activities. Administrators can choose which Location will be using this application instead of the older Customer View. Headquarters or Location Administrators may update the Location details to update this setting.

After logging in to your Site Administrator account:

  • Click the List tab.

  • Click on the Location page.

  • Choose a specific Location from the list.

  • On the next page, review and choose one of the Customer View options:

    • Default Customer View

    • NextGen Customer View

    • Other

      • Use this option if you have built your own Customer View.

  • Click Update

After submitting these changes, any references to the Customer View URL within the application for the specific Location will update based on the selected view option. Those URLs include the Preview link, Book Now button links, or links within email notifications.

Customers on a mobile device (phone or tablet) will be able to access and complete the Appointment booking process similarly to Customers that use a desktop or laptop computer.

Phone View

Tablet View


Finding the Customer View URL

Administrators or Staff Members logged into the Site Administrator interface can quickly access the Customer View link. From the site’s top navigation, hover over the Customer View link at the top right corner of your account, then click on the Preview link. The Preview page will then display the link you can give to your Customers.

Create Book Buttons for Web Site or Social Media

You can easily promote your self-service online Appointment or Event scheduling system through your web, social media, or other marketing channels. Read more information about creating a Book Now Button that you can place on other internet sites or emails.

Branding the Customer View

Customer View appearance options

The header of your Customer View page can be branded with your company name or logo. Click the Layout tab to view the customization options. Please note that the following options apply to the NextGen Customer View:

Customer View Header – Format up to 3 lines of plain text.


Customer View Logo - Upload an image file to add a logo.


Customer View text options

In addition to customizing the Customer View application for your business or brand, you may also enter any information you want to appear on the Welcome page. Click the Pages/Text tab, and click on the Appointments link. Enter the text you want to use to welcome new or returning visitors to your site.

Please note: Other customized Pages/Text information will not currently display on the NextGen Customer View.

Customizing the Appointment Booking Experience

While the Customer View and Site Administration are different applications, administrators will control the view and functionality of the Customer View through the administrative application You may review or modify configuration settings related to the Customer View by clicking the Settings tab and then clicking on the Customer View page.

Note: Some Settings do not apply to the NextGen Customer View. These are denoted with an asterisk (*) in the setting description.

Other Settings may affect how Customers book Appointments. Review Settings for Appointments, Staff Members, Services, and other areas to view their current configuration.

If you have any questions about how a Setting will change the Appointment-booking experience for your Customer, please contact your administrator or DaySmart Appointments Client Services.

Customer Login or Registration Options

Do you want to have your Customers create a profile? Can your Customers book repeat Appointments or are all your Customers treated as guests?

The NextGen Customer View can be configured to support any use case or scenario for managing Customer information. If you anticipate that your Customers will return to you for future Appointments, it is recommended that you provide a way for each Customer to register with a username and password. Return visitors will be able to log in to book another Appointment or to update their profile information.

By default, your scheduling system is set up to require the creation of a new profile or, for returning users, to log in prior to creating an Appointment. This provides you with the most security for your system because Customers cannot review information about your schedules without first logging in or registering.

By changing the Customer View setting #3, "Require customers to log in before being able to make appointments." to No, you will allow Customers to begin the booking process as a guest. Customers will be able to review the available Services, Staff Members and dates/times prior to being prompted to login or register to complete the Appointment. If your Customers book Appointments for Pets, the login setting will be automatically set to Yes.

Please take a few minutes to review your login format options to determine which login format option suits your business needs.

Customer Profile Fields

What information do you need to know about your Customers? When they create a profile in the system, you can prompt or require them to enter information into specific fields. To view the field options, visit the Settings tab and click to view the Customer Fields/Terms. From this page, you can set the hidden, optional, or required status of each field, as well as change the label on each field. For example, if you would prefer that the Last Name field was Surname, you could update the Display Name for that field.

When reviewing the field status, you may choose to the view/edit state for the Customer View Registration interface (Customer View). Each field can be set separately in order to minimize the fields the Customer is required to complete to create a profile. Minimally, it is recommended that you require a first and last name, username, and password for Customers that will register and log in. Additional fields you wish to offer as optional or required entry fields can be modified based on your business needs.

Waiting List options

If your Customers are unable to find an available date and time that works for their schedule, you may offer them a Waiting List option. By joining the waiting list, Customers will let you know that they are interested in a particular Service or Staff Member when they were unable to create an Appointment for themselves.

To enable the waiting list functionality, visit the Settings tab and click on the Waiting List page. Enable the first option on that page and review the other settings for this functionality.

Once enabled, administrators should review any entries on the waiting list to determine if they can assist the Customer in booking the specific Appointment.

Other Customer View options

It is also recommended that you review other Customer View settings carefully to determine the setup that works best for your business. If you have questions about a specific setting, please reach out to your administrator or our Support team.

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