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How to record a screen video with Apple iOS 11?
How to record a screen video with Apple iOS 11?
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How to record a screen video with Apple iOS 11?


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

In the most recent version of Apple Inc.Ⓒ operating system, iOS 11, users may now record a video of their device screen. When using the DaySmart Appointments mobile administrative application for Apple, you can use this new feature to share a video of using the app for users or when communicating with the DaySmart Appointments Client Services team about an issue you may be experiencing.

You will need to first turn on this new feature by visiting Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls on your iPhone or iPad. When viewing the customize options, tap to activate How to record a screen video with Apple iOS 11?


Screen Recording. Now:

  1. Open and log in to your DaySmart Appointments app

  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the device to open Control Center and tap on the Record toggle.

  3. The toggle will give you a countdown at which point recording will begin.

  4. Swipe down on the Control Center.

  5. Your screen is now recording any tap, anything you type or any action you take on your device or within a specific app.

  6. To stop recording, tap the red bar at the top of your screen.

To submit the video in conjunction with a Support Ticket:

  1. Transfer video from your device to your computer.

  2. Log in to your DaySmart Appointments scheduling system account.

  3. Click Help.

  4. Click Support Tickets.

  5. From Knowledge Base, click Submit a request.

  6. Complete the request form and attach the video file.

  7. Click Submit.

  8. Our Client Services team will review your ticket.

For more information on this feature, please visit the support article.

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