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Account and Payment Management
Account and Payment Management
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Account and Payment Management

  • Pricing Tier: All

  • Appointment Version: Single & Multiple

It is important that your account's payment information is up-to-date, as missed payments can cause your account to be disabled, which prevents your employees or Customers from creating or managing Appointments. In this article, we’ll review how to manage your subscription and answer some common questions about billing and payments.

Please note: In order to manage billing and payment information for your DaySmart Appointments subscription, you must be a Headquarters Administrator .

Subscription Billing Periods

You can choose to pay each month (monthly billing) or once per year (annual billing) for your DaySmart Appointments subscription. To check the current billing cycle for your account, visit the Settings section and view the information on the Account Options and Pricing page. You can change your billing cycle (from monthly to annual or vice-versa) and click Update. Please note that the day you change your billing cycle will become your new billing date.

Changing Your Subscription Tier

While on the Account Options and Pricing page, you can review your current subscription, including your add-on services, plug-ins, and support package. You can alert your payment frequency (monthly or annually). This link contains information about our current tiers and Pricing Plans . Click Update after you’ve made the appropriate changes.

If your business requirements no longer match your subscribed tier, our Sales Consultant team can help you select the right tier. Contact a team member at 800.988.0061 ext.2 so we can help guide you on this selection.

Changing the Bill Date

Bill dates are automatically set to the date you subscribed to DaySmart Appointments. Changing your billing date is not currently an option, however, your bill date will change when upgrading the subscription price tier, or when you upgrade from monthly to annual billing. In these situations, your bill date would change to the date of the upgrade.

For example, if you initially subscribe on January 1st, and you are a monthly payer, your bill date is the first of every month. If you make changes to your subscription (upgrades, add-ons, changing support) on June 15th, your new bill date will be the 15th of the month.

Subscription Options

Account Locations

When you add new Locations to your account, they are billed at the rate of your base subscription plan. For example, if you are on the Gold tier and you add a Location, you will be billed an additional $99.00 for the added Location. Additionally, the cost of any Marketplace Plugins for those Locations will be added to your fees. To review these details, visit the Settings section. You will see the total number of Locations in your account on the Account Options and Pricing page. Plugins are also listed, including the quantity of Locations where they are enabled.

Support Tiers

DaySmart Appointments offers several support packages to help you optimize your DaySmart Appointments account and troubleshoot issues. All accounts automatically receive the Basic Support package, and you can upgrade to either Extended Support or Premium Support. Based on your needs, choose the support package and Update your subscription.

Your account will be billed, or invoiced for a prorated amount, on the day you upgrade your support level. An email receipt or invoice will immediately be sent to the email address in the billing contact section of your account.

Payment Methods

In most cases, a credit card is entered when an account is activated. To update your payment method or information, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click Payment Information

On this page, you may review or update existing payment methods or add a new payment method.

Avoid Disablement or Late Payments

It is important to note that if your payment is declined or does not go through, your DaySmart Appointments account will be disabled. Bronze, Silver, and Gold tier subscriptions will be disabled when payment is five days past due; Platinum subscriptions will disabled when payment is 20 days past due. Declined credit cards are a major reason why accounts are disabled. Please keep your account payment information up to date to avoid uninterrupted service.

Payment terms may be available to larger, multi-location accounts. Please reach out to us through your Account Manager or Sales Consultant so we can work with you on billing terms.

Add New Payment Method

Click Add Payment Method. In the pop-up window, enter in the details of your credit card. The address information should match the information on file with the bank or credit card company. When you’ve completed the form, click the Add Payment Method button.

Update Existing Payment Method

In the Payment Methods section, click Edit for the method you wish to update. Once you have edited the information, click Update to save it.

Mailing a Payment

To mail in a payment (check or money order) for your DaySmart Appointments subscription, please use the following address:

7000 E Shea Blvd,
Ste E140,
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

You may use this address for overnight or courier-handled payments. To receive ACH or wire instructions, please submit a support ticket.

Account Invoices

All of your DaySmart Appointments subscription invoices can be viewed from Settings > Billing History. You can view the details of each invoice by clicking on the specific invoice record. If you subscribed to DaySmart Appointments software prior to Monday, April 15, 2013, your older invoices are available from the Archived Billing History page.

Note: Invoices will no longer display Marketplace Plugins that are free. Only plug-ins that are an additional charge are included on the invoices.

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