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Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook®: Am I A Fit?
Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook®: Am I A Fit?
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Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook®: Am I A Fit?

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What is Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook®?

Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook® is the ideal solution for DaySmart Appointments® software subscribers who use Outlook as their primary email and office calendaring system. With it, you can sync your DaySmart Appointments® Appointments and Reserves with meetings on your Outlook Calendar.


Am I a Fit for Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook®?

While Connect-Up for Outlook is a powerful time management tool, not every DaySmart Appointments user can benefit from it. DaySmart Appointments offers much more flexibility than Outlook when it comes to possible scheduling processes, which means there are some DaySmart Appointments account configurations that won't accommodate Outlook's more strict scheduling rules. If you're interested in utilizing the Connect-Up for Outlook plugin, you'll want to make sure your DaySmart Appointments account configuration is a match before moving forward.

Supported DaySmart Appointments Features:

Connect-Up for Outlook is a great way to save time by keeping two calendars up-to-date. With all the benefits of the plugin, there are a few DaySmart Appointments features which are not fully supported:

  • POS - If you utilize the POS plugin for DaySmart Appointments, it's important to note that you cannot accept payments through Outlook

  • Packages - If you rely on Packages with DaySmart Appointments, note that you cannot create, view, or edit packages from Outlook, or assign them to appointments

  • Timezones - If your Outlook calendar is set to a different timezone than any of the DaySmart Appointments location you're assigned to, appointments will not sync properly between the two systems

  • Events - Connect-Up for Outlook does not support managing Events within DaySmart Appointments

  • Recurring Appointments - DaySmart Appointments recurring appointment series will sync to Outlook, but cannot be created or managed from within Outlook

  • Shared Profiles - If you allow multiple staff members to use the same login credentials (log into the same profile), it's important to note that any appointments with this profile can only be synced to a single Outlook calendar

  • Scheduling Outside Availability - If you often schedule outside of your DaySmart Appointments availability, some appointments may not sync correctly. Be sure to talk to one of our team members for more info on this subject

If you rely on any of the above items, we recommend speaking with a representative from our team to determine whether Connect-Up for Outlook is a good fit for you.

We've also put together a list of the DaySmart Appointments features which will prohibit the use of the Connect-Up for Outlook plugin. If any of the items below are true for your account, two-way sync between DaySmart Appointments and Outlook will not (currently) be possible.

My DaySmart Appointments Account:

  • Has Rooms functionality enabled

  • Has MAPTS (Multiple Appointments Per Time Slot) enabled

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