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Appointment Exception Report
Appointment Exception Report
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The Appointment Exception report allows you to see all appointments (within a date range) made at a location other than a customers original location, aka "Home Location." This can be helpful in determining where customers records are being created, providing line of sight to inefficiencies in scheduling, and also one way to see the performance of different locations.

NOTE: The term "Location" may be different in your account if changes were made in the "Terms" section of Settings. This report is available to Headquarters and Location Administrators.

Important Terms:

Home Location - The location the customer is assigned to. In most cases, the Customer records are automatically assigned to the location their first appointment was created for. For example, if a customer registers and creates their first appointment in Location A, their Home Location would show as Location A.

Serving Location - The location the appointment was scheduled for. Your report results will show the Serving Location of each appointment.

First of Period - The First of Period column will show for each appointment, letting you know whether or not the customer previously scheduled an appointment for the selected Serving Location.

Important Notes:

  • The Appointment Exception report will only show for accounts with multiple Locations.

  • The report will not include cancelled appointments, or appointments marked as No Show.

To access the Appointment Exception report:

  1. Click on the Reports tab

  2. Select the Appointment Exception Report link

NOTE: The term "Appointment" may be different in your account if changes were made in the "Terms" section of Settings.

Report Details

To run the Appointment Exception report:

  1. Start by choosing a location from the Select Location drop-down. (The report will only show the appointments created for the selected location)

  2. Select the Appointment Dates to include appointments scheduled within those dates.

Report Views

There is only one view option available for the Appointment Exception report. The report results will automatically show in a new browser window after clicking the Run Report button.

Below is a sample report showing a few customers that have scheduled outside of their Home Location.

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