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Using Groupon or Other Promotion Codes with DaySmart Appointments
Using Groupon or Other Promotion Codes with DaySmart Appointments
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  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

DaySmart Appointments allows your Customers to redeem their Groupon, Living Social or other "Deal of the Day" promotions by booking online. This will save you time and money, alleviating you and your staff from having to manage your increased call volume. Groupon, Living Social and other deal-of-the-day websites are localized to major markets. Businesses have their Customers pre-pay for discounted services through these sites, and DaySmart Appointments can upload your data to your account so Customers can redeem them through the online booking system.

Promotion Codes are not currently one-time use codes. You can manage codes by changing the expiration date after they have been added to the system.

NOTE: The following article outlines single Appointment discounts only. If you are setting up a promotion for a package for multiple Appointments, this will not work. For multiple Appointments, we recommend that you use the Packages feature.

How to Setup Promotions

  • Have the POS plugin enabled on your account

  • Have your data list uploaded.

  • Enter your deal of the day services (optional, for reporting convenience)

  • Add text to your Customer View with information and instructions

Enable POS

The POS plugin is required to track usage and to deduct discounts properly. There is an extra $10 per month fee for this plugin.

  1. Select the The Marketplace link at the top of Site Administration.

  2. Select the Accounting link at the top left corner of the page.

  3. Select the Enable link within the Point of Sale section.

  4. Select a Location option, then select the Enable button.

How to Upload your List

  1. Once your deal has ended on the Deal of the Day" site, you should receive a file with all the Customers and/or codes listed.

  2. Save the file as an Excel file and format your data as follows:

  3. Log into your DaySmart Appointments account

  4. GO TO: Settings tab > Work Requests. Complete the form and select "Customer Upload" from Step #2. from the list. Upload your file in Step #3, and in Step #4 indicate that this is a "Deal of the Day" upload. Please include the name of the site, IE Groupon, Living Social, etc.

NOTE: Please be sure to use a valid email as we will email you once completed.

You may want to announce, through the "Deal of the Day" description and on your website, when your deal can be redeemed online. It will take 2 - 5 business days to complete your upload after your file has been received. This can be expedited and completed by the next business day for an additional $30.

Please note that as a small business client of DaySmart Appointments software, additional fees may apply if your account exceeds your monthly subscription term limits for Appointments. In this case, a charge for an Additional Appointments Package may appear on your next invoice.

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