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Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook Desktop - A How-To Guide to Resolve Outlook Plugin Installer Issue
Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook Desktop - A How-To Guide to Resolve Outlook Plugin Installer Issue
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After you (or someone on your team) have downloaded and installed the Connect-Up for Microsoft Outlook Deskpt feature, you may find that the add-in doesn't display in the ribbon as expected. In those situations, you may need to perform some system maintenance on your local machine to correct. This situation may occur more often where you (or the user) does not have administrative privileges on their machine (work-issued laptop, shared desktop, etc.).


Follow these step-by-step instructions to resolve this issue.

Step 1

If you have already installed the plugin, be sure to verify you have downloaded the latest version.

ⓘ Important: Once the latest version has been confirmed, close Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2

Click to open the AppointmentPlus.OutlookConnectUp.reg registry file linked below. This will ask you to grant permission in order to add the registry key. Click OK to add the registry file.

Step 3

Replace the SQLite interop file (linked below) in the following installation folder:

File Path: C:/Program Files (x86)/AppointmentPlus/Outlook ConnectUp

Step 4

After the above steps have been performed, open Microsoft Outlook and check to see if the DaySmart Appointments tab is displayed in the Outlook ribbon. If you are still unable to view the AppointmentPlus tab, please continue on to Steps 5 through 8.

Step 5

After opening Outlook, click File, then click Options within the sidebar menu.

Step 6

In the Outlook Option window, click on Add-ins near the bottom of the list. From there, find the Manage drop-down field, click to expand, click Disabled Items, and, finally, click Go.

Step 7

If AppointmentPlus.OutlookConnectUp is in the list, click the checkbox associated with this item and click Enable.

Step 8

Now, on the same screen (shown above), select COM Add-ins from the Manage drop-down list and click Go. In the next window, check the box in front of AppointmentPlus.OutlookConnectUp and click OK.

The above steps should resolve the installer issues for you or your users. If there are additional questions with this feature, please reach out to our Support team by opening a Support Ticket.

Linked Files

For file verification, you or your IT administrator team may need the following file details:

  • AppointmentPlus.OutlookConnectUp.reg md5 checksum: 948945060f7fcfc29b01417fc86132be

  • SQLite.Interop.dll md5 checksum: TBD

  • AppointmentPlus.OutlookConnectUp.reg
    794 Bytes Download

  • SQLite.Interop.dll
    1 MB Download

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