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Does the system send out email appointment confirmations?
Does the system send out email appointment confirmations?
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  • LAST UPDATE: 7/27/2022


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Yes, appointment confirmation emails can be sent to customers and staff members when appointments are scheduled. If you are not receiving confirmation emails when appointments are scheduled, there are two sections you can check to make sure the emails will be sent.


GO TO: Settings tab > Notifications

In the Notifications section, check the status of the “Appointment Confirmation Email” and “Store Appointment Notification Email.” If an email is set to “Inactive” in this section, it will not be sent. To make an email Active, click on the title of the email, select the “Active” option, and then click the update button at the bottom of the page.

Emails Preferences

GO TO: Settings tab > Emails > Preferences #1 - #6

When scheduling appointment for customers in Site Administration, emails will only be sent if the check box at the bottom of the Appointment Detail page is filled in. Use the Emails Preferences section to adjust the defaults of these check boxes.

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