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How do I edit my Location information?
How do I edit my Location information?
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How do I edit my Location information?

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  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Many settings or details set when the Location was created can be modified at any point in the future. To view a Location's information as either a Headquarters or Location Administrator, visit the Lists tab and click on the name of the Location you wish to review.

Alternately, you can choose the intended Location from the drop down menu in the upper right corner. Once the new Location is loaded, click Settings to view the available details for the Location. If this Location is sharing Headquarters Values, the information or preferences you can review or change are limited.

To edit Location information, click into any of the specific fields and change the company name, Location name, address or other information. Click Update to save the changes.

Note: If your Location is not sharing Headquarters Values, you can also review configuration settings that set and determine the scheduling rules for this specific Location. You can click on any of the pages under the Preferences navigation on the left to view the Location's specific settings.

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