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Why are email notifications blocked as spam?
Why are email notifications blocked as spam?
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Why are email notifications blocked as spam?

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  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

Due to the large volume of emails sent from the DaySmart Appointments system, email providers will sometimes block email notifications and reminders sent to Staff Members and Customers.

Preventive maintenance Options

Here are a few things account administrators can do to help prevent email notifications from being blocked or marked as spam:

  • Add a message such as the one below to one of the custom text areas of your customer view. The message can be added within the Pages/Text section of your account.

"To prevent email notifications for your appointments being marked as spam, please add the email address of the sender to your Trusted Senders, or email Contact list."

NOTE: As per our privacy policy, we never sell or share any data. Spammers have various, clever methods for getting emails on their lists, including having programs that randomly create email addresses. There is literally no way to completely avoid spam these days. If spam is a problem, we would suggest looking into some of the programs available that filter spam or require a sender to be on a recipient's "safe list" to send them email.

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