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Why does my invoice list an Additional Appointments Overcharge?
Why does my invoice list an Additional Appointments Overcharge?
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Why does my invoice list an Additional Appointments Overcharge?

  • PRICING TIERS: Bronze, Silver, Gold


Your invoice may display an Additional Appointments -- Overcharge line item based on the monthly Appointment activity in your account and/or locations. Subscriptions on the affected pricing tiers are limited to the number of Appointments or Event registrations included in the subscription price. Any Appointments or Event registrations that exceed the limit will incur an additional cost, in increments of $0.10 per appointment or event registration.

NOTE: The fees do not count cancelled Appointments and Events. Cancelled Appointments and Events will be removed from the Appointment grid, but can still be found in each Customer's Appointment history, and in the Appointments Report. This only applies to Appointments and Events cancelled by clicking on the Cancel button, or cancelled through the Customer View interface.

Appointments are counted based on the day they are scheduled for, not by what date they were scheduled by a Staff Member or Customer.

For example: If a user logs in on December 31st and schedules an Appointment with a Customer for January 1st, the appointment would be included in the January total of Appointments for that location.

Each of the affected pricing tiers include the following number of appointments OR event registrations within the subscription:

  • Bronze: 500 appointments/month per location

  • Silver: 500 appointments/month per location

  • Gold: 500 appointments/month per location

Each appointment or event registration over the 500/month per location will include a charge of $0.10.

NOTE: High volume fees are calculated separately for each Location in your account. For Example: An account subscribing to the Bronze price tier with 2 Locations could schedule up to 500 Appointments or Events in each location, without being billed a high volume fee.

Document & Picture Upload Plugins

Document Upload

Picture Upload

  • Includes 10GB of storage

  • $20.00 per additional 10GB

  • Includes 10GB of storage

  • $10.00 per additional 10GB

Can I see how many Appointments have been scheduled?

Complete the following steps to see a report of the number of Appointments and Events added to your account in a given month.

View our article for the Appointment Report for information on how to generate this report. Then, follow these steps for a monthly count:

  1. Click on the Reports tab at the top of your account.

  2. From the Appointments Report, select the date range for a full month.

  3. Select all the Appointment Status boxes except the All Statuses and Cancelled status boxes.

  4. Select the Date field from the Include in Report section.

  5. For Total By select the Number of Appointments option.

  6. Click Run Report.


  • How are high volume fees calculated for Recurring Appointments?

Each occurrence in a Recurring Appointment will count as 1 Appointment when calculating high volume fees. For example: a Customer scheduled for a 3-day Recurring Appointment (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday) would count as 3 Appointments.

  • How are high volume fees calculated for multi-day Events?

Each day in a Multi-Day Event will count as 1 Appointment when Customers register. For example: If 3 Customers register for an event lasting 3 days (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday), it would count as 9 Appointments.

  • Do high volume fees apply when subscribing to a Platinum price plan?

No, high volume fees are only charged when subscribing to the Bronze, Silver, or Gold plans.

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