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SMS Appointment Reminder Plugin - FAQs
SMS Appointment Reminder Plugin - FAQs
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SMS Appointment Reminder Plugin - FAQs

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How much will the reminders cost?

With the new SMS Appointment Reminders, messages will consume "Credits" when sent. A credit is equal to one message, or page. If a message needs to use more than one page (due to the content of the message being longer than 160 characters), a single credit will be consumed for each page in the message.

Here is a breakdown of cost:

Number of Credits

Cost per Credit

Total Cost
















Amounts are in U.S. dollars

Which messages consume credits?

Any outgoing message from the scheduling system to the Customer will consume credits. This includes the initial reminder message and any automated or optional responses to Customer replies.

How will we know when we need to purchase more credits?

A small window in the lower right corner of your DaySmart Appointments account will show the number of remaining credits. Also, the SMS Reminders plug-in in The Marketplace in your account will show the balance. Note that only Headquarters Administrators will be able to see the balance.

NOTE - Any credits you purchase will not expire if they aren't used. Instead, they'll simply roll-over from month to month until they are used to send a message.

How do we purchase credits?

The small window notification noted above will have a “Add More” button. When clicked, it will allow you to purchase additional credits. Or, you can go into The Marketplace and purchase more credits via the SMS Reminders plug-in. Only Headquarters Administrators may purchase credits.

You may also set up auto replenishment. This feature will automatically purchase additional credits when your balance gets low. This will ensure that all of your SMS reminders are sent.

What if we run out of SMS credits? Will my Customers still get reminders?

It depends. If an SMS reminder is scheduled to be sent when there are 0 credits left, the message will not be sent. However, if you replenish with additional credits, any scheduled SMS reminders will send properly.

How do I enable SMS Reminders in my account?

SMS Reminders can be enabled (and disabled) from within The Marketplace in your DaySmart Appointments account. Only Headquarters Administrators can enable and disable this feature.

If for some reason you need to temporarily disable this plugin, when you decide to enable it in the future, it will review your account and determine if any reminders should be queued for future Appointments. This check would be based on any current Customers having previously opted in to receive SMS messages.

Can our Customers confirm Appointments via a reply message?

As of May 2, 2019, an administrator may enable the ability for Customers to confirm or cancel by replying to an SMS Appointment Reminder message. Additionally, Customers will be able to opt out of SMS messages.

NOTE: Cancelation reasons are not supported with the cancel option. It is recommended that if you require cancelation reasons that you do not enable the cancel reply option.

What phone number will my SMS messages come from?

Every DaySmart Appointments client who uses SMS Reminders will be assigned a unique phone number. If an account has multiple Locations, the same phone number will be shared among all Locations.

What if a Customer tries to respond to the SMS reminder?

Outside of the supported reply options available May 2, 2019, the assigned SMS phone number is a no-reply number. We suggest you include a brief note in your SMS content that lets your Customers know.

Do our Customers need to opt-in again?

No. If a Customer previously opted-in, they won’t need to opt-in again.

How does it work if we pay for our DaySmart Appointments account by check?

If you pay forDaySmart Appointments via check, you can also pay for SMS credits via check. When you purchase credits, you will immediately be emailed an invoice. You will be able to utilize the credits immediately upon the invoice being created.

What if we pay annually for DaySmart Appointments?

Paying for SMS Reminders credits is separate from paying for your DaySmart Appointments account. SMS credits are purchased on an as-needed basis.

Can SMS Credits be Refunded?

SMS credits are purchased in advance of use and cannot be refunded. Any credits consumed by messages that failed to send will be returned to the account’s credit bank.

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