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Waiting List Overview
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Waiting List Overview


  • APPOINTMENT VERSION: Single & Multiple

How do we get started using the Waiting List?

If you are not currently using the Waiting List feature and you want to enable it for your Customers, please update the following preference.

GO TO: Settings tab > Wating List > Preference #1

Once you have enabled the Waiting List, preview you scheduling site to test the Waiting List functionality from the end-users viewpoint. You may enable/disable the Waiting List at any time.

How it works

Administrative interface

The Waiting List feature is automatically enabled in the administrative interface of DaySmart Appointments. You can always access the Waiting List by clicking the “Waiting List” link below the calendars in the left-side of the Appointment Grid. In addition, if Customers already exist on the waiting list, you will see a "Waiting List" link with a drop down option in the upper right of the Appointment Grid. Mousing over the link will display the drop down list of the Waiting List. Even more detail will show when mousing over each Waiting List entry.


Using the Waiting List from the administrative view allows you:

  1. Manage Waiting List entries

  2. Create Waiting List entries

  3. Schedule from Waiting List entries

  4. Hold Waiting List entries for specific users

1. Managing your Waiting List

To access your Waiting List, click on the View Waiting List link to the left side of the Appointment Grid. When viewing the complete list, you can access Customer records, add new Waiting List entries, and delete entries. If your list has a large volume of entries, you can make adjustments to the list by clicking on the sort icons at top of the column headers or hide columns completely by clicking the check boxes near the top of the Waiting List page.


2. Creating Waiting List entries

To add a new Waiting List entry through the administrative interface, click on the View Waiting List link to the left side of the Appointment Grid, then click the Add Customer to Waiting List button. When adding a new Waiting List entry you will be required to select an existing Customer profile. Depending on your DaySmart Appointments account settings, you can select additional details such as the Staff Member, Service, Add-on Service, Room, Child, Pet, Number in Group. Administrative users can also add Notes to each Waiting List entry which will only show on the Waiting List entry and will not be added to the Customers profile or Appointment Notes.


3. Scheduling from Your Waiting List

Administrative users can quickly turn Waiting List entries into Appointments by using the Waiting List drop down at the top right corner of the Appointment Grid. To schedule using a Waiting List entry, start by mousing over the Waiting List drop down, then select an entry from the list. A message will then show at the top of the page indicating the Customer is selected and ready to be scheduled. Simply select the desired time slot from the Appointment Grid to proceed with scheduling the Appointment. The details filled out when creating the Waiting List entry will then show in the Make Appointment window after selecting the desired time slot.

NOTE: The "hold" placed on a selected Waiting List entry will be released after navigating to a different date in the Appointment Grid. In this situation, we recommend selecting the Waiting List entry again after navigating to the requested date.

NOTE: To have the system automatically remove Waiting List entries when scheduling Appointments using the process above:

GO TO: Settings tab > Waiting List > Preference #3

(If you disable this preference, you will need to manually delete Waiting List entries after scheduling Appointments)

4. Holding Waiting List entries

Waiting List entries will automatically receive a "hold" designation after they are selected from the Waiting List drop down menu at the top of the Appointment Grid. The purpose of the “held by admin user” status is to ensure administrative users cannot select and schedule the same Waiting List entry at the same time of day. This avoids the potential for duplicate bookings for the same Customer on the Waiting List.

If you want to release a hold, you can do it manually by clicking on the Release Hold button. However, the system also has a default release time at 5 minutes. For example, if you select a Waiting List entry from the drop down menu but do not schedule an Appointment within 5 minutes, the Waiting List entry will be returned to a "Waiting" status. This is intended to ensure that a Customer is not inadvertently left in a "hold" status.

Customer View interface

Your Customers will follow the same step required to schedule an Appointment when adding a Waiting List entry. For example, If you require Customers to select a Staff Member and Service when scheduling an Appointment, they will be required to select the same options when adding a Waiting List entry. Customers will also be required to login or register to add their Waiting List entry.

To turn on the Waiting List for your scheduling site:

GO TO: Settings tab > Waiting List > Preference #1

Once the Waiting List is enabled, your Customers will see a Waiting List option in two places during the scheduling process.

  1. A “Join Waiting List” link will appear in the Navigation Bar.

  2. A “Join the Waiting List” link will appear above the date on the Appointment Grid.

NOTE: Option #2 only applies when using the "Calendar" style and will not show when using the "Line" style. To change your front end calendar style: GO TO: Settings tab > Customer View > Preference #1

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