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Gift Certificates
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The Gift Certificates plugin is an optional feature that lets you sell Gift Certificates to Customers. Customers that purchase Gift Certificates will receive an email containing the Gift Certificate attachment. They can then print it and redeem it on their next visit.

How to Enable Gift Certificates

The Gift Certificates plugin is available from The Marketplace:

  1. Select the Payments category.

  2. Click Enable for the Gift Certificate plugin.

  3. Select each Location to enable the plugin for using the drop-down menu.

  4. Click on the Enable button.

You can disable this plugin for individual Locations, or deactivate it in the account, by removing the Locations from the drop-down list. Click Update to save the changes.

Review/Change Plugin Settings

After enabling the plugin, click the Settings tab within the plugin to review the default settings for the feature. You can customize:

  1. How long Gift Certificates are valid.

  2. Display a field for the Gift Certificate number (note: this is a list generated outside of the DaySmart Appointments scheduling system).

  3. Usage of Gift Certificates in conjunction with the Point of Sale plugin .

  4. Preferred method for Gift Certificate lookup within Point of Sale.

  5. Limit users who can modify Gift Certificate balances.

Setting Up Gift Certificate Send Options

Gift Certificate can be delivered to your Customers and Staff Members when adding and purchasing Gift Certificates. By default, the sending options for Gift Certificate are not enabled when the plugin is activated. To set up the delivery options:

  1. Click Gift Certificates.

  2. Click Gift Certificate Send Options

  3. Determine the settings appropriate for your business and click Update.

Note: The send option named Other should be used Customer pickup.

Creating a Gift Certificate through Site Administration

To add a standard available Gift Certificate that can be selected in sales transactions:

  1. Gift Certificates

  2. Click Add Gift Certificate

On the following form, review and enter applicable information in the following fields:

  • Amount
    Enter the dollar amount of the gift certificate.

  • Format
    Select the format or send option.

  • Gift Notes
    The Gift Notes field allows you to enter a message for the recipient, such as "Happy Birthday Sweetheart!"

  • Sender Information
    The sender information is where you will enter details about the person purchasing the Gift Certificate. If the person purchasing the Gift Certificate is an existing Customer, you can select their name from the drop-down menu which will them automatically fill in their information for you.

  • Recipient Information
    The recipient information section is where you enter details about the person receiving the Gift Certificate. If the recipient is an existing Customer already, you may also select their name from the drop-down menu.

  • Payment Information
    The default for each Gift Certificate entered willl be Unpaid and Unused. This is for labeling purposes only. To setup a payment for a Gift Certificate, make sure to add the Gift Certificate while processing a transaction through the POS module.

  • Special Instructions
    Lastly, there is a special instructions box where you can enter any information that needs to passed along to the company.

Once you have filled out all the information, click on the Add button at the bottom of the page. If you selected the option of emailing the Gift Certificate to the recipient, then they will receive an email containing a printable Gift Certificate. If you selected the option of emailing the Gift Certificate to the sender, then the sender will receive an email containing a printable Gift Certificate. The other options are mail to the recipient, mail to the sender or Customer pick up. For each of those three options, you are responsible for the Customer getting their Gift Certificate. For example, if they select to have it mailed to the recipient, you will have to mail it to them.

How Customers Purchase Gift Certificates from the Customer View

When a Customer enters your web site and clicks on the link to make an Appointment, they will see a link at the top of the page that says Gift Certificates. It is not necessary for them to be logged in when purchasing a Gift Certificate. When they click on the Gift Certificates link, a page opens that they will need to fill out. It asks for the sender and recipient information. If they are an existing Customer, they can log in and have their information automatically fill in. After they select the amount of the gift certificate and fill in all the information, they will click on the Add To Basket button. They can then add another Certificate or check out. When they select the check out button, they are prompted for their payment information.

Payment Methods when Customers Purchase a Gift Certificate via the Customer View

Customers can pay via PayPal, or with a credit card if you have an online merchant account set up (known as a "gateway"). For more information about online merchant accounts, see our Customer payments overview .

If you are using the Customer View portion of the system and are set up to accept online credit card payments (or want to have them enter their credit card information for later processing), you can allow Customers to purchase their own Gift Certificates. To enable this, go to Settings and click on Customer Payments section. At the top of that page, you'll see a Gift Certificates section. That is where you would set up your payment parameters. When Customers purchase Gift Certificates via the Customer View, it goes into the system as a sales transaction and the Gift Certificate is created.

How to Sell Gift Certificates via POS

To sell Gift Certificates via the POS system, you first need to create a Product and define the product type as Gift Certificate.

When creating a sales transaction:

  1. From the Product drop-down list, choose the appropriate Gift Certificate item.

  2. Set the cost and quantity. Click Add.

  3. Complete the remainder of the transaction as needed.

  4. Before you finalize, verity the Create gift certificate in database? setting.

  5. Click Finalize Transaction or Process Credit Card as appropriate.

What does it mean to add a Gift Certificate to the database?

When a Gift Certificate is added to the database, users will be able to look it up, edit it, and print it (if necessary). A scenario in which you would not check this box is if you have a separate list of Gift Certificates (see more information on the Gift Certificate tab) set up for your account.

Gift Certificate Example

Can I Have a Custom Gift Certificate?

If you would like to have a custom gift certificate, you can complete a work request to have this done. Custom Gift Certificates are considered an account modification, extra fees will be addressed upon request. Click Settings and then locate and click Work Requests. Fill in the necessary information and submit. Customizations of Gift Certificates are $150.

Disabling the Plugin

If you decide that you no longer want to use this feature, you can return to the Marketplace and remove the plugin from any or all Locations.

  1. Click Marketplace.

  2. In the left-hand column, find the plugin.

  3. On the plugin’s first tab, click the Locations drop-down field.

  4. Uncheck individual Locations or click None.

  5. Click Update.

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