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My Account is in Maintenance Mode. Can I Reactivate it Myself?
My Account is in Maintenance Mode. Can I Reactivate it Myself?
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My Account is in Maintenance Mode. Can I Reactivate it Myself?

You may have decided that you needed to pause your DaySmart Appointments scheduling system service. While your account was paused (in Maintenance Mode), your employees and Customers were not able to schedule Appointments.

When you are ready to resume your subscription, you can log in to your DaySmart Appointments account. Please note this will only be available to Headquarters Administrators.

Once you have logged in, the system will display the state of Maintenance Mode and offer you options for resuming your subscription.

  • Credit Card Payments: Your previous credit card on file will be used for your subscription payment. If the previous card has expired, you will be able to enter a new payment method to complete this step.

    • If your subscription had a balance due at the time of pausing your account, you will need to pay both the balance due and the future subscription terms (monthly or annually, subscription tier) to resume your account.

  • Invoice Payments: You can choose to enter a credit card for a one-time payment to resume your subscription. Otherwise, you will be given information on how to contact the DaySmart Appointments team to make payment arrangements for a new invoice.

There may be a few situations where a payment cannot be collected through the application to resume your subscription. In those cases, the application will provide you with instructions to contact the DaySmart Appointments team so that your account's status can be reviewed and updated appropriately.

Once a successful credit card payment (one-time or regular payment), the system will permit you into your account and direct you to the Appointments tab. At that point, you may resume normal use of your account and let your employees know that they can log in with their previous login and password.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our Support team (480-483-1199 option 3).

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