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How do I cancel my account/subscription?
How do I cancel my account/subscription?
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How do I cancel my account/subscription?

We’re sorry to hear you want to cancel your DaySmart Appointments account. Cancellation can occur for several reasons. Please review the reasons below to see if any apply to your situation:

  • Seasonal Business - If your request is because your business is seasonal and you might want to maintain your account settings and data for future use, you might benefit from placing your account in Maintenance Mode . To place your account in Maintenance Mode, please contact us our billing department by submitting a support ticket through your account and selecting Billing/Account Status as the category.

  • Missing Feature - Many clients do not realize that we have features that they cannot see in the base system. If you have not already spoken with our support team, please allow us to see if your desired feature is already a part of our system. In some cases, features may already be in development and nearing release!


If you signed up for a free trial of DaySmart Appointments but have not yet subscribed, there is no need to submit a cancellation request to close your account.

If you still would like to cancel (close) your account, please complete the steps below. To make sure that we understand why you would like to cancel your account (and to make sure that you don’t cancel an account that you want to keep open), we ask that you take the following steps to process a cancellation:

Step 1: Log into your account and submit a ticket requesting cancellation of your account.

Step 2: Select Billing/Cancel Account as the Category and select a cancel reason from the list provided.


Submitting a support ticket within your account will serve as the written notice to our Billing Department.

For questions about ending your subscription, please call us at: 480.483.1199

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