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How do I create coupons?
How do I create coupons?
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How do I create coupons?

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  • Pricing Tier: All

  • Appointment Version: Single & Multiple

Coupon Codes, (aka: Promotion Codes) are used to apply discounts to transactions when scheduling through Site Administration or the Customer View. Follow the steps below to add Coupon Codes to your DaySmart Appointments account.

  1. Enable POS from The Marketplace:

    1. Click Payments

    2. Follow the additional setup information in our Point of Sale plugin article.

  2. Enable the coupon code preference

    1. Click Settings

    2. Click Customer View

    3. Location and set preference #14 to Yes

    4. Click Update

  3. Enter Coupons

    1. Click POS

    2. Click Coupons

    3. Click Add New Coupon

While completing the "Add Coupon" form, please be aware that the Code will be what your Customers will need to enter to redeem their discount when scheduling online.

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