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How To
Service Times & Exceptions Overview
24-Hour Scheduling
Room Scheduling Overview
Access Types Overview
Appointment Search Overview
Can I assign Customers to Staff Members?
Can I capture the credit card information from the Customer View to process later in my own terminal?
Can I change the colors of the appointment statuses?
Can I create mailing labels?
Can I hide unavailable times on my schedule?
Can I prompt my Customers to pay when they are making Appointments?
Can I show more information on the appointment grid?
Can I use the system for "Internal" scheduling only?
Can staff members be assigned to more than one location?
Can the Customer "Search By Field" Default to "All Fields in List?"
Children Scheduling Overview
How can I overlap appointments?
Controlling Customer Fields: Display and Required Status
Credit Card Processing Error
Customer Field Definitions
Customers Tab Overview
Daily Appointment Service Limits
How can I add more Appointment Status Types/Colors?
How can I print a list of Appointments for the day?
How can I restrict the available times of Services?
How can I stop customers from making same-day appointments?
How can I turn off the ability to reserve calendar time?
How do I add a new staff member?
How do I add additional time to the Appointment Calendar?
How do I add payment types?
How do I block out time when I won't be available for appointments?
How do I change my schedule to a Day, Week or Month view?
How do I change the term used for staff members?
How do I change the times listed along the left side of the appointment grid?
How do I control account access?
How do I create a service?
How do I create add-on services?
How do I edit customer notes?
How do I enable browser cookies?
How do I find my API login?
How do I get into my DaySmart Appointments account?
How do I limit the times Customers can book at the beginning of the day?
How do I set up schedule exceptions?
How do I tell the system my vacation days?
How do I view more information about an Appointment?
How to Create an Appointment
How to Delete Staff Member (User) Profiles
How to Delete your Customer Database
How to Enable Staff Member Filters
How to keep a firewall or spam filter from blocking email notifications
How to link a Custom Email Notification to a Custom Appointment Status
If I allow same day appointments, can I still require hours notice?
Locating Your Account Number
Multiple Appointments Per Time Slot - User Guide
One Click Status Changing
Recurring Appointments Overview
Schedule Templates Overview
Search for Appointments - Overview
Service Paging Overview
Service-specific Email Notifications
Services Tab Overview
Setting up Customer Payments with Paypal
Staff Member Types Overview
Staff Members Field Definitions
Staff Members Tab
What are Schedule Exceptions?
What are strong passwords?
What are the password requirements for staff members?
What does the "i" icon on the Appointment Grid mean?
What happens when I set a Staff Member to inactive status?
What information does the system keep on customers?
What is a Resource/User?
What is the difference between an Active and an Inactive status?
What is the difference between Customer Notes, Appointment Notes, and Special Instructions?
What is the difference between Services, Add-on Services, & Events?
When using as my payment gateway, what type of account should I select, Web Merchant or Retail Merchant?
Why aren't any services showing in the services drop down list when making appointments?
Why doesn't the Alert (Exclamation Point) work?
Why is the wrong duration displaying when I select a service?
Why isn't the Appointment Search link showing in my account?
Can I control how far in advance Staff Members or Customers can make Appointments?
How do I add a buffer time between appointments?
How do I create a weekly recurring schedule?
How do I make appointments for staff members on days they don't normally work?
How to adjust Menu Bar Access
Merging Duplicate Customer Profiles
Notes & Reminders Overview
Service Field Definitions
Picture Upload
Can I schedule more than one Customer in a time slot?
Customer Payments Overview
How can I change the default view on the appointment grid?
How do I accept payments with my Payscape gateway account?
How do I accept payments with my TSYS/Cayan account?
Pet Scheduling Overview
Recurring Reserve Times Overview
Scheduling Appointments with Multiple Staff Members or Services
Overview: Required Add Ons
Contacting Support Options